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Monday, December 13, 2004

It Begins!

Hi all! This is Nicholas. I have always wanted a blog, but they used to cost money. Well, now they don't...cheapskates of the world, rejoice! Since I'm not all that communitive, and when those who know me attempt to talk to me I usually respond with phrases like, "Dude, I'm so tired!" or "Man, I'm hungry!" or "You smell like peepee!"...Well, now you can hear exactly what I think. Hooray! Now my bloody secrets will be all over the net, and when you see me in person you can say "Hey," and be all weird and awkward because you don't like me anymore. If you don't know me, yet, YAY!!! This is going to be fun for all of us!
I am nervous. Why? Well, I am in my ninth semester of college, and I want to get out of there. I'm an English major/Film and History minor at LSU, and I have to pass my last history final to graduate. The problem? Due to circumstances almost completely out of my control, I didn't get to study much at all for the week before and during finals. Thus, not only was my final difficult, but I was kind of mentally unprepared for it. Well, I believe in grace, and I believe in God's will, and those are pretty much the only things that are going to make me graduate, because not only am I nothing in my own strength, but I have been humbled to the point that my life is out of my control, anyway. This means (in my feeble understanding):
a. God is testing my faith, and causing me to have to rely on him and give up on my own strength alone, or
b. God has other plans outside of me graduating. If so, well, his plans sure are better than my plans.
I have already sent out invitations to my graduation and party, so I am praying that something close to option A is the truth, and I also have a feeling in my heart that it is. As we know, though, God's ways are not our ways, so if the truth is something closer to B, than I am in for a crazy ride, and I am in the backseat. Actually, I am in the backseat anyway, but I'm being driven by the best Driver in the universe, so either way I am in good shape. If you are so inclined to do so, please pray for me. Thank you for reading, most righteous dudes and dudettes, and I shall talk to you later,
Nicholas (Does EBlog sign automatically? If so, discount the double signing of the post)

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