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Thursday, January 20, 2005

I am terribly shallow

So, last night I went to see "The Aviator" with my friend, Jon. My first comment after the movie? "Wow, that Kate Beckinsdale sure makes me want to fornicate!" Okay, actually, Jon, bless his heart, is doing reviews for LSU's campus TV station, and I didn't want to say anything about the movie to subject his opinion, so that was the only thing I could say (run on boy, duckin and dodgin, let me tell ya God Almighty gonna cutcha down). I was kidding anyway. I mean, she's married. Also, I don't have a snowball's chance in hell. Oh yeah, and she smokes. Yucky!
Anyway, good movie, I won't do a review, because I lazy (that intentional), but, since I like all incorporating things where I can just write short paragraphs, I am going to attempt to see every Oscar nominee in the best picture category and write a blurb about what I think is best. That's because my opinion matters...(snicker...slight nostril twitch...insane laughter). I think the Aviator will probably be nominated. It was preety good (all my mistakes are intentional, I'm just saying that now so you won't question me later).
I am in a state of blah, with a bit a bleh.
Also, history is made today. The Reagan 80's. The Clinton 90's. The W. 00's. No comment. The numbers don't lie. Since I came of age in the 90's (8-18), they are my favorite. To be honest, though, does anyone ever really come of age? I have had someone tell me "You are finally a man!" like 10,000 times. Yet, my mom still calls me "boy." Aww...
In my opinion, I'm just an anomoly with male reproductive organs, and a sex drive that favors women. Hooray! Perhaps, someday, I'll make some film that asks the question, "What makes a man, a man?" because, I'm pretty sure a base instinctual desire to nail Kate Beckinsdale does not make me a man.
I'm going to go eat some cake, now.
Sweet dreams, Sad Machines.


Anonymous said...

I now officially check this site everyday. That's how awesome my life is.

Anyways, I haven't seen the aviator yet. I was but now I don't I just don't feel like it. I'll probably catch it when it comes out on video. Ah my brotha Corey rented cellular today. Oh and in actual important news, please pray for Jeremy my other brother, Nic and all who might read this. He has a heart problem, im not too sure what's going on. He won't sign the papers though to let them operate since he's messy in the head. Please pray he doesn't die, because he might. Please pray to that he knows the salvation of Jesus Christ soon. His life has been tuff and I wish he would allow himself better, but his mental state prevents that. Thank you if you pray anyone.

Nic...We are all guys (except girls) and none of us will probably ever grow up. Don't stomp on yourself too much (just a little).

In good news me and my girlfriend Lafon made our Two year anniversary this thursday and all went well. Just a little testimony but without God we would have never stayed together. Each day is grace, given through the Lord. Just pray Lafon will put up with me for another two years lol she's the one who really needs grace.

I love you all. Take well care of yourselves and your families.

-Jordan N. Courtney

P.S. - I want to see some films and stories Nic. From you one of these days.

Nicholas said...

But I AM grown up. That's what gives me the right to stomp!

Will pray for your brother,


Anonymous said...

Thanks man. Jeremy is doing better. He had his procedure and he seems to be in stable condition.

Keep praying and thanks so much.

Stomp what?


Nicholas said...

Awesome! I am glad he with through with it, and I will keep praying.

Nicholas said...

with = went