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Monday, February 28, 2005

Peace with Texas/I love I-10/It's good to finally be home(Louisiana is the greatest place I've ever been)

So, I've made my peace with Texas. I used to be indifferent to Texas, then Texas picked a fight with me. I was like, "Oh now you di'int!" And Texas was all like, "Uh huh, yes I did!" That was two years ago.
This trip, the belt in my car engine exploded. I was like, "Texas, you bojo! I hate you!" Then, the next morning, as a friend and I fixed my car in the rain (and consumed copious amounts of donuts (and chocolate milk)), I said, "You know what Texas? I think we finally understand each other." This morning, two days later, I had the greatest drive home ever, just me and Texas. And we made peace. And God smiled upon His beautiful green Earth. And it was even more beautiful when I crossed the Sabine river to cypress trees and hanging moss. -The End

Friday, February 25, 2005

The Tyrant is Dead, His Lady is Free

So, I am back from Germany, and am about to leave for The Houston, but it looks like I may not be staying there for as long as I thought. Sigh... Well, considering my mental state, still warped by continent hopping, this may be for the best. Now, I shall go to the wedding of an ex-roommate who is seven years older than I am. It has also come to my attention that I need to possibly put some links on this blog.
Also, my period of vacationing seems to be winding down. I guess I will have to get a real job, soon. The world I now know will fade away, and be replaced by another.
Le Sigh...
Oh yeah, Germany was fun. I need to post some pictures or something. All in good time.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Tomorrow, at this time, I shall be. Yes, I am going to Germany for about two weeks, and then I am going to Houston the week after that. I am very excited. This will be my first journey out of North America. I seriously doubt I will do much, if any, posting for the remainder of February, but I could be wrong. As to my previous post, please note, I am not making light of Jesus' crucifiction, at all (It is very important to me). I also don't hate Mel Gibson. Lethal Weapon 2 is awesome. I just don't get the appeal of his latest film. This is a weird and confusing topic, and it's hard to seperate the sacredness of the historical event with the human-ness of a man-made film depicting that event. I don't want to make light of Jesus' sacrifice, or Gibson's convictions, but we have to realize that a film is just a film, and not the Word of God. This time (for once), I really am sorry if I offended anyone. But I stand by what I have said.
Well, I guess this is it for a while. All of you take care, and, as always, avoid inhaling household chemicals. That includes gasoline. It sure smells good, but there is a difference between smelling, and inhaling. Bill Clinton says he did not inhale. So don't do it. Please. I can't stop posting. Someone will have to drag me away from this blog kicking and screaming. No. I won't go. I must rant about why American forces can't stop the violence in Iraq.
Wait-what's that smell? Ooh, is it...? Yes, it is! It's pizza.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Day by Day (A discussion on the Passion of the Christ)

The other day I watched the musical "Godspell" for the first time since I was a small child, and it brought back a flood of memories. "Godspell" is a silly movie from 1973 where crazy hippies re-enact the Gospel of Matthew through singing and dancing around New York City. I love that movie. My viewing reminded me of the last movie I watched about Jesus. It was a small film, and didn't get much press, and caused very little controversy. It was called "The Passion of the Christ." Unless you have been living under a rock, you get the sarcasm here. Anyway-BUNNY TRAIL- Here comes yet unother rant about the American Church. Seriously, I am not blaming anyone here, and I am the farthest from perfect there is, but someone has got to point out the problems, and I am appointing myself- BACK TO MAIN STREET-Anyway, the marketing for "The Passion" was genius. In a nutshell, if you didn't go see "The Passion" you weren't a good Christian. So, I saw the movie on opening night. I didn't enjoy it very much. Actually, I think you would have to be a Satanist to enjoy the movie, that is, if you left before the last thirty seconds (resurrection goodness). I get what Gibson was trying to do. Enjoying the film is not the point. The point is experiencing Christ's PHYSICAL (only one element of His) suffering. That's pretty much it. There is hardly anything about Jesus' life on Earth, or His teachings. Just violence, violence, and more violence. Oh. Did I mention violence? Not just the punishment for Jesus, either. We get grotesque demon hauntings of Judas. We get an eye-ball popping out of somebody's head. We get rotting animal carcasses. This film is about violence. I can see how watching this film once can be an eye-opener for anyone who can't quite comprehend the descriptions of Jesus' beatings in the Bible (but I don't get why all the other violence is so prominent). After that, I can't quite comprehend why anyone would want to watch the film again, but I've been called a pacifist and a bleeding heart and a softie, so I guess that's just me. Maybe that's why I enjoy Godspell so much more.
First off, you actually get to hear Jesus' teachings, and see them acted out.
Secondly-this film is hillarious. There is a joyful sense of reckless abandon, and just downright happiness. Jesus is a happenin guy.
Third-Being the child of ex-hippies, I had a very interesting early upbringing. My newly Christian mother sat me in front of the TV for all kinds of crazy hippie Christian shows, and made me listen to crazy hippie Christian music (Like Bullfrogs and Butterflies, and Dallas Holmes, and Keith Green) and I like(d) it. Godspell reminds me of the first three or four years of my life. Plus, early 80s LPB rocked. Old-school Sesame Street. 3-2-1-Contact. Reading Rainbow. Bob Ross. Plus, I got a healthy dose of What's Happening, too. Rerun (the What's Happening character, for the uninitiated) was my hero. Anyway, all this to say, I feel very comfortable when I watch crazy things from the 70s and early 80s.
So anyway, when Hippie Jesus (played by Victor Garber(he is awesome) knows it is time for His crucifiction and says goodbye to each disciple individually, I tear up. I did not tear up during "Passion" because I was too busy holding back vomit, and feeling strange, cold, and isolated. Jesus is my hero. Watching Him get beat up doesn't give me very much pleasure.
I guess my point is (I actually don't think I have one this time), I sure miss the happier, and less cynical times where Jesus could sing and dance, and wear cool facepaint and suspenders, and His disciples could sing and dance with Him. Now, the only thing Jesus is allowed to do is be beaten, and nailed to a cross. That's not much of a teaching tool. Sure, the death is important, but what good is it to show the death, without showing the life? If the Gospels were only the second to last chapters, we would be missing a lot.
I sure would like to make a historically accurate film some day that focuses on Jesus life, instead of just his death. We Protestants wear an empty cross, while Catholic's wear one where He's still up there dead (Gibson =s highly Catholic) because we focus on Life, right? That's what I always thought, anyway. Not knocking Catholics or anything (or maybe I am, I can't quite tell). When I finish reading the Gospels, I feel like I can take on the world, not like I've just had the hell beaten out of me. I don't know. I guess I'm just crazy.
-In conclusion (taken from IMDB):
Pharisee Monster: (made of garbage): What is the greatest commandment of all?
Jesus: Thou shalt love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and your soul. This is the greatest commandment of them all. The second is like it: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. All the rest of the Law and what the prophets have written is based on these first two.
Pharisee Monster: Argh!!! (Self destructs)
-Eating glue is not the answer!

The Police Disco Lights

Considering the fact that I am eating Blue Bell Chocolate Sunday Ice Cream on top of a melted Little Debbie Angel Cake (tm, tm), this rant is probably going to have considerably less vitriol than I originally planned. Then again...
Well, first I was going to rant about this whole James Dobson vs. Spongebob debate, but then the facts got so twisted, I wasn't sure what was true, and what was not. I was going to point out how stupid arguing about a cartoon character's sexuality is, and how there are a lot more important things for Christians to be doing, besides that. But, apparently, Dobson's comments were taken out of context, and the whole issue was blown out of proportion. Or was it? I don't know, but I can't find a transcript of the speech Dobson's comments were taken from. I would ask someone to send it to me, if they can find it, but I find my interest in the matter waning. It appears that the media was bored, and decided to jump on the issue. My question for them is: By making fun of Dobson and joking about how he is wasting his time going after a talking yellow square when there are more important issues to talk about...I am not even going to finish this sentence; if you have an I.Q. over ten, it would be patronizing. Well, I will anyway. If these people think that Dobson is such an oddball, or crazy, why do they spend so much time reporting about offhand comments he, and others like him make? Just wondering. I hear, apparently, there are a couple of genocides and a few wars going on right now, or something. Isn't there an AIDS crisis or something, too? I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Anyway...

Something I do agree with: That big conservative Christian organizations need to stop spending so much time pointing out what's wrong with today's media (the entertainment one), and deal with their own problems. You know, I'm thinking of take the plank out of your own eye before you take the splinter out of your neighbor's eye. Whoever is without sin, let he cast the first stone. You know, that sort of thing. Don't Christians have the highest divorce rate, right now? What about the huge Christian's struggling with online porn ordeal? I know these topics are being addressed, but why are Christians expecting perfection from "The World", when half the time they're just as screwed up? That's why they call it "The World." It's supposed to mean a world without Christ. Why would you expect them to be doing things you agree with? Man, this annoys me. Crap (a euphemism for shit). I am trying to tone down my language in this blog, but all this crazy hypocricy is making it really difficult. It's this smugness, this complete arrogance, this knowing superiority that is driving me crazy. So, in(uncensored and blunt) conclusion in words anyone can understand:
You crazy bastards! The fact that you've accepted Christ doesn't mean you should be pointing out the flaws in the lives of everyone who hasn't! You still sin, too, and sometimes you sin just as bad as those who have no interest in Christ, whatsoever. SEE! You're no better than anyone else. Christ is better. And by grace, he lives in your heart, even if you're a hypocritic jerk like me, who rants on problems he is often the cause for.
I'm awfully tired.
I like television shows that seem/are true to life. I can't defend all of the content in the shows I watch (they are definately not for everyone), so I won't try, but I think they are justified in most cases. A lot of shows I like (you can see these in my profile) are protested by organizations like the Parent's Television Council. They hate these shows, and want them off the air (particularly, "The Shield"). They say, they're worried about their kids-
As a child, I had no TV in my room, all my viewing was contained to LPB or supervised, and this is with only ONE Christian parent. She was 100 % successful. She never wrote a bitchy letter to a TV network, because she knew it was her responsibility to monitor my viewing, not a TV executive's. Rant ends-
I don't think these organization's protests have a thing to do with children. I think it's the mirror effect. Simply put, ugly, flawed people don't like looking into a mirror. Case in point:
I would like to see a TV program called "The Christians." The father would be addicted to online porn. As a result, his relationship with his wife would be strained, and she would feel as if she is in a loveless marriage (she gossips a lot, too). The son can sneak violent and sexual music listens in when his parents aren't paying attention- he would have an insatiable need for this, as the topics in the music are virtually ignored by all of the authority figures in his life. The daughter can be in a relationship with an "ideal" Christian boy, and they can have premarital sex all the time. That's the kind of thing I am seeing all around me, that no one is talking about. If there was a show like this, it could bring all of these issues into the open more, and we Christians could have discussions about these topics, and perhaps find ways to make things better. But, I'm dreaming, I guess. If there was a show like this, Christian groups might condemn it, boycott the advertisers, and the show would be cancelled. Or, they could embrace it, but in this current atmosphere, I can't see it happening.
Now, I'm even more tired. I have another rant for tonight, though, but I might not get to it. I am too tired to spell check, too, so hopefully, I'll fix the errors in this thing later. It sure took a long time to write.
Don't enhale household chemicals!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Thank you, dear Blogger.Com

Disregard the "F" entry ("Fudge"). Somehow, Blogger has retrieved my lost post. It is the one with the two poems inside. Enjoy. Also, fear not. A rant is coming, before I leave. And it is a good one. Probably.
-Stay Frosty

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I just wrote the greatest entry ever, which included two poems, and the transfer failed, and the file was deleted. I angry.

It Feels Good To Move Your Mouth

I wrote some crazy poems in junior high, and most of them are missing now. For some reason, I have decided to write a poem in the style I would use in my 8th grade reading class, which was composed of three guys (one being myself, the other two good friends) and TWENTY -FIVE girls. Yes, that was probably the best year of my life. Well, maybe not, but it still rocked. Here is my emulation of myself in the 8th grade:

At night
I talk to ghosts
They stand around my bed
There's a ghost of my father
Though he's still alive
There's a ghost of my mother
Though she's alive, too
There's a ghost of me
He stands the closest
His whispers haunt my dreams
They fill my dreams with ghosts

In dreams
I talk to ghosts
They live inside my head
There's the ghost of my child
Though I've never had one
There's a ghost of my daughter
She looks just like me
She carries three roses
For her nonexistent father
Who dreamed he had a daughter
With nonexistent flowers

See the joy in the repetition of words i.e. the word "nonexistent"? Anyway, that poem would have been written around ten years ago.
Now, I am not in any grade, and I don't have any classes with three guys and twenty-five girls. Isn't that sad?

Now, ten years later, what does my poetry look like?
Here, I wrote this in two minutes about three months ago:

I woke to soft rain
Pattering the panes of my eyes
Under dew-drenched flowers
I will sleep softly to spring

What does this teach me? None of your business.