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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Police Disco Lights

Considering the fact that I am eating Blue Bell Chocolate Sunday Ice Cream on top of a melted Little Debbie Angel Cake (tm, tm), this rant is probably going to have considerably less vitriol than I originally planned. Then again...
Well, first I was going to rant about this whole James Dobson vs. Spongebob debate, but then the facts got so twisted, I wasn't sure what was true, and what was not. I was going to point out how stupid arguing about a cartoon character's sexuality is, and how there are a lot more important things for Christians to be doing, besides that. But, apparently, Dobson's comments were taken out of context, and the whole issue was blown out of proportion. Or was it? I don't know, but I can't find a transcript of the speech Dobson's comments were taken from. I would ask someone to send it to me, if they can find it, but I find my interest in the matter waning. It appears that the media was bored, and decided to jump on the issue. My question for them is: By making fun of Dobson and joking about how he is wasting his time going after a talking yellow square when there are more important issues to talk about...I am not even going to finish this sentence; if you have an I.Q. over ten, it would be patronizing. Well, I will anyway. If these people think that Dobson is such an oddball, or crazy, why do they spend so much time reporting about offhand comments he, and others like him make? Just wondering. I hear, apparently, there are a couple of genocides and a few wars going on right now, or something. Isn't there an AIDS crisis or something, too? I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Anyway...

Something I do agree with: That big conservative Christian organizations need to stop spending so much time pointing out what's wrong with today's media (the entertainment one), and deal with their own problems. You know, I'm thinking of take the plank out of your own eye before you take the splinter out of your neighbor's eye. Whoever is without sin, let he cast the first stone. You know, that sort of thing. Don't Christians have the highest divorce rate, right now? What about the huge Christian's struggling with online porn ordeal? I know these topics are being addressed, but why are Christians expecting perfection from "The World", when half the time they're just as screwed up? That's why they call it "The World." It's supposed to mean a world without Christ. Why would you expect them to be doing things you agree with? Man, this annoys me. Crap (a euphemism for shit). I am trying to tone down my language in this blog, but all this crazy hypocricy is making it really difficult. It's this smugness, this complete arrogance, this knowing superiority that is driving me crazy. So, in(uncensored and blunt) conclusion in words anyone can understand:
You crazy bastards! The fact that you've accepted Christ doesn't mean you should be pointing out the flaws in the lives of everyone who hasn't! You still sin, too, and sometimes you sin just as bad as those who have no interest in Christ, whatsoever. SEE! You're no better than anyone else. Christ is better. And by grace, he lives in your heart, even if you're a hypocritic jerk like me, who rants on problems he is often the cause for.
I'm awfully tired.
I like television shows that seem/are true to life. I can't defend all of the content in the shows I watch (they are definately not for everyone), so I won't try, but I think they are justified in most cases. A lot of shows I like (you can see these in my profile) are protested by organizations like the Parent's Television Council. They hate these shows, and want them off the air (particularly, "The Shield"). They say, they're worried about their kids-
As a child, I had no TV in my room, all my viewing was contained to LPB or supervised, and this is with only ONE Christian parent. She was 100 % successful. She never wrote a bitchy letter to a TV network, because she knew it was her responsibility to monitor my viewing, not a TV executive's. Rant ends-
I don't think these organization's protests have a thing to do with children. I think it's the mirror effect. Simply put, ugly, flawed people don't like looking into a mirror. Case in point:
I would like to see a TV program called "The Christians." The father would be addicted to online porn. As a result, his relationship with his wife would be strained, and she would feel as if she is in a loveless marriage (she gossips a lot, too). The son can sneak violent and sexual music listens in when his parents aren't paying attention- he would have an insatiable need for this, as the topics in the music are virtually ignored by all of the authority figures in his life. The daughter can be in a relationship with an "ideal" Christian boy, and they can have premarital sex all the time. That's the kind of thing I am seeing all around me, that no one is talking about. If there was a show like this, it could bring all of these issues into the open more, and we Christians could have discussions about these topics, and perhaps find ways to make things better. But, I'm dreaming, I guess. If there was a show like this, Christian groups might condemn it, boycott the advertisers, and the show would be cancelled. Or, they could embrace it, but in this current atmosphere, I can't see it happening.
Now, I'm even more tired. I have another rant for tonight, though, but I might not get to it. I am too tired to spell check, too, so hopefully, I'll fix the errors in this thing later. It sure took a long time to write.
Don't enhale household chemicals!


Jon said...

Nice. I agree with you, but it makes me feel funny considering everything you said. I mean to be like "Oh yeah! I totally agree!!!!" is kinda hypocritical, I guess. I don't know, I just feel funny about being all gunghow about it, especially since you so accurately hit the veritable nail on the head. But yeah, good call. You make me feel dumb sometimes. You write good (purposeful).


Nicholas said...

I always feel funny. There is a message for you at the post under this.

Anonymous said...


I like the needed rant and all rants there within, including the mini-rant, along with all other rantish views you've taken in the entire past and future (usually at least)and I agree totally about the whole ordeal. Let's fix ourselves and stop trying to perfect others. No one is ever going to be perfect except God and Jesus or maybe when we are in heaven (I'll probably still chew the old baccy though). The good thing is like you said with have grace and are made whole with asking God to forgive us everyday.

I would kill (excuse the paradox) to see a show called "The Christians" like that. It'd could even be called "7th Hell" or something like "Forgive Me Gawd".

Anyways blah.


Anonymous said...

So, this blog didn't have anything in it about Sting or Steward Copeland or any of the other members of the Police. I am going to cry now. I feel that I have been misled. I was expecting this to be about Sting's new discothek song (that is a hit in Europe at any rate). I have a dinosaur.

Nicholas said...

Yeah, sorry about that. I just felt like dropping that song lyric, because it was stuck in my head. Like Abba.
You can dance. Having the time of your life.