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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Real Easter Bunny

If some twelve-year old kid messes with this bunny, he is going to get dealt with. Fats is the man.


-E said...

Looks pretty tired to me. hehe.

Oh go to and there you can sign up to get the list of blogs to link to on your sidebar. It will give you a code you can paste into the template. Hope that helps.

Oh, and hope you had a good Easter!

Nicholas said...

I sort of got it to work, though yours looks a whole lot cooler. Thanks for your help!
Fats was pretty tired. Not only did he deliver candy to all those children, but he had a little left over...and he splurged just a little bit. Poor guy.
Hope the Sonic was good! (Today, I ate candy for breakfast. Then I ran a half a mile. Good times.)