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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Goodbye, Goodbye

Well, the last four months have been interesting to say the least, but it is now almost time for my swamp phase to be over. That means, no more hard manual labor in waist deep water, no more weird tan, and also no more swampfro or facial hair.
So, say goodbye with me.
As for what's next? I still have no idea.
But, my head will be close to shaved, as it was last year, and the face fur will be gone. Will I tidy and mature up my room? I don't know. I think I will be moving out again at the end of the year,
Well, enough of this. I need something to rail against. Probably not tonight, but maybe.
Until next time,


Jordan said...

You really do have a shrine to Grace Kelly huh? I like Cary Grant :). Have you seen The Philadeplhia Story?

Well Goodbye swampfro, hello Nic nazism! You're gonna be bald!

-E said...

The swampman is kinda sexy though. Just so you know.

Nicholas said... you!
Your right! I miss Affie, already, too. That was his name. He came with me all the way to Germany, and what do I do? Chop him off.
I just went 230 consecutive days without getting a haircut, though. That has got to count for something. I want a medal! Now that the fro is gone, I have three more weeks of swamp work to do, without him. I am rambling. It is too late for me, for a weeknight. And I crave Chicken McNuggets. Why? I hate them!