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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


After completely spilling my heart in a long and thoughtful post that completely exhausted me and only getting one comment (albeit, one heck of a good comment! Thanks again, E!), I have decided it is finally time to expand my blogging world.
I always conceived of some type of site run by me that focused solely on entertainment news, and my entertainment reviews, and since I don't know jack about web design, I am going to do it through a new blog.
To visit my new blog go here
I am going to continue to update my original blog (this one) just as much, if not more than before, though. I am thinking of changing this site to TheNicsperiment:Spirituality, though maybe not, as not every post is very spiritual, and I feel kind of pretentious naming my blog this. That being said, I think I will probably rename this blog TheNicsperiment:Spirituality.
Have a good one!


-E said...

I wouldn't be a good stalker if I didn't post comments on your blog. I hope things get better soon with the situaiton you're dealing with. *hug*

Nicholas said...

Well, thanks for the comments and the hugs!
They mean a lot.
I am about to drink grapefruit juice.
What is wrong with me?

-E said...

Hmm you like a more sour kick in your life?