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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Delighted, charmed, and dissapointed. Those were the main emotions I felt throughout this film, sometimes at the same time. As someone who read the books in high school (and absolutely idolized Douglas Adams), I was sad to see that what could have been a great movie was only a good movie, but at the same time, I was overjoyed to see Arthur hanging out in his bathrobe, mice: the true brains behind Earth, and an entire crowd very dissapointed in hearing the number 42 all come alive on the big screen. I wish some of the darker, more edgy humor would have gotten into the film, but I guess they couldn't do that with a PG rating, plus, not everyone is into that sort of thing. Overall, though, good times, plus, HOT DAMN, Zooey Deschanel-to quote "Punchdrunk Love": "I want to chew your face, and I want to scoop out your eyes and I want to eat them, and chew on them, and suck on them." Um, yeah. I got it bad. Someone wants to sleep with someone else, if you're not getting my innuendo, here.
Hey, I'm also excited that we get two (I'm counting on you, Lucas!) decent big budget Sci-fi Fantasty films in a one month span. When's the last time that happened?
My sister reminded me today in conversation that my family is hot. We are probably one of the best looking families on the planet, she said, if not the best looking of all. Every single one of us is hot. Sweet. That would explain what all the fuss is about.
Also, I still contend that "Joshua Tree" was the best album of the 20th century.
Time to watch my tape of tonight's "Lost."
Until, later.
Mmmm. Deschanel.



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Nicholas said...

Yes! SPAM!
Gotta love the Internet.
My response:
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Anonymous said...

This is not spam Nicholas, because nobody else is reading your blog, only me, and I was trying to help you by giving you a $10 discount, if you truly don't want it give it to someone else.

Nicholas said...

Hmmm..."No one else is reading..."
Yeah, you're probly right.

Mone' said...

"I want to chew your face, and I want to scoop out your eyes and I want to eat them, and chew on them, and suck on them."

I understood that in ways I never thought possible. It describes all feelings I have ever had for Dom. weeeeeeeeeeee!