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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Site organization

You may have noticed I now have five blogs. Don't worry though, the three new offshoots, TV in review, Film in review, and Music in Review will all have their updates linked from The Nicsperiment: Entertainment website. For example, later today you will see a post on The Nicsperiment: Entertainment that says:
For my reviews of last nights Lost and Alias, click here (and of course the word "here" will be a highlighted link). That way, to keep up with my madness, if you so desire, you only have two sites to keep track of:
1. The Nicsperiment
2. The Nicsperiment: Entertainment

ALSO: I am changing the URL of The Nicsperiment from to drumroll:
Yes, it is about time the name of the site and the URL actually matched, and I agree. I will wait three days to make this change, though, so you guys who get this message late won't lose track of where I'm at. Rock on! I am excited about this. One thing about grief and me is that grief always incites me to get off my butt, and do the things I was juggling in my head, beforehand.
Four years ago, grief pushed me from wanting to be a writer to actually doing it, and now, my childhood dream of reviewing media and having it read by more than my mother and me is finally coming to pass.
Thank you all!
Now I better get back to the swamp before they realize I'm gone!

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