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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Alive (South Louisiana Apocalypse)

Well, we have made it. Kathrin passed a little too far East of me to cause New Orleans like devastation, but she has left her mark here in Pointe Coupee Parish. We have lost many trees, roof tiles, insulation, and such, but my house is okay. We will probably be without power for the rest of the week, but my father picked up a generator from Lafayette, and I am using that to send out this message. Some friends from Saint Bernard Parish (bordering Orleans Parish) are staying with us. They just found out that their house is basically gone. Most of St. Bernard flooded to about twelve feet-the eye of the hurricane passed directly over. They will probably be with us for a while, so hopefully we can get the power back to keep us in greater comfort, though looking at what our friends escaped, and what so many people are going through right now, we got off easy. It's ironic in an Alanis Morrisette kind of way that my last post was about TV shows I can now no longer watch because of the electricity debacle here, but at this point, that doesn't seem to matter so much.
As always, if you are the praying type, the people from Grand Isle to Gulfport could all use your prayers, as many of them are without homes now. Many refugees are staying in my parish, and many are staying in East Baton Rouge, which I think took a little less wind damage than we did.
I have been documenting everything here with the digital camera, so I am hoping to get all of that up when the power comes back on, and I have the resources to do so.
Thank God, though, that I can sit in my home and type this right now. Ninety miles southeast of here, people's houses are under as much as twenty feet of water. We only got 2 and a half inches.
I don't know why. I might never.
Many are saying this could be the most costly disaster in America's history. The devastation of land may be greater than that of the Asia Tsunami last year, except we had almost two days warning, which will drastically reduce the loss of life compared to that disaster. The sad thing, though, is that many people had no means to get out, even with the advanced warning, and many of those people, especially in New Orleans, are still stuck there on rooftops. I am sure, if you have been watching the news, you have seen this, but if for some reason this whole post seems foreign to you, please turn on your TV.
The water in New Orleans is still rising due to levee breaks and such, so hopefully anyone who stayed in the area, and is still alive, will be air-lifted out. From the little footage that I have seen, there are some spectacular rescues going on.
Finally, I want to reiiterate to anyone who hasn't been keeping up-this situation is bad. As the local news is apparently saying, if Louisiana is a foot, the toes are almost completely underwater. Please pray or at least think of us.
Oh well. Back to the sweat pit out here on the ankle.
Best wishes,


Jordan said...


Good to hear your are all alright.
I wasn't sure how bad New Roads or Glen had got it, but I was definitely thinking about you. God bless you and all the families out there.

BR aint so bad but there's a million people here from N.O. everywhere and the whole city feels like a camp.

Take care,

Jordan (we have power but AC convieniently broke last night)

-E said...

Glad to hear you and yours are alright. And it is great that you have taken people in to help them out during this time. Enough people from New Orleans came to Austin, TX that they've opened one of the high school football stadiums to be a shelter. They expect more people to come now that the Superdome is being evacuated.

Hey, if you can, get a list of things the people you know might need- clothes and such- that they lost. I bet you can get people to donate things to help them until they get back on their feet.

Chief Slacker said...

Glad to hear you made it though, I hope everyone you know is safe and sound as well.

Best Wishes go out to all.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you were all right and thought about you during the news last night. I'll definitely add my prayers for those in need.