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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Big Happenings (Changes Come)

So, where do I start this?
This morning, I helped take out all the trash at the shelter at the church. I got to spend some time with the people, and they reminded me of something good that will definately come from this disaster. People around this country will see the fine character and integrity of New Orleans' citizens. I have been blessed by so many acts of random kindness while in that city in the past, and I was more than happy to return the favor, though I wish this could have been under much better circumstances. Afterward, I went to see my new baby cousin again (the best looking baby I have ever seen). While chilling on the couch, the phone rang. It was the woman who would have given my interview last Monday know. She sounded very tired. She proceded to tell me that, if I could, she needed me to work, now. I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to talk about this job on a public forum, but it involves state provided aid for Katrina victims. It is, as I said before, a state department. Anyway, because they are swamped she needs me to work 12 hours a day. Seven days a week. For the next thirty days.
"What are the shifts?" I asked.
"Well, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.," she said.
I made a not happy noise to my myself.
"Or, actually," she said, "we really need someone for the 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift."
"Brilliant," I said, "I'll see you tomorrow."
Later, I thought about how much my lifestyle is about to change. Actually, is changing at the moment, because I am staying awake until 8 a.m., and sleeping until about four to get my body ready. This is going to be interesting. But, this is the kind of thing I live for.
After visiting new baby cousin, I went to a little party for my now 20 year-old cousin (in Louisiana, you are not a citizen unless you can't count all of your cousins on your fingers and toes), and got to unwind a little bit with the folded white paper-plate where I had written my new job info in my pocket. The party was a good time. After the party (at about six), I caught a ride back to the church shelter. There, I helped an elderly couple move from the church shelter, to Jon's house (he has posted comments here, before), and got to help some other folks pack some stuff away.
After I helped the couple, the elderly man handed me this:

No, not the hight-hat, silly, the pack of gum. At first, I was going to insist that he keep it. Then, I realized how shallow of a gesture that would have been on my part, and took it graciously. As I helped this elderly man and his wife move, I got to meet his family and friends. What great people. I made fast friends with one guy, and talked to him about soccer and science fiction. Despite a vast age and life difference, after a few hours, I felt like I had known this guy my whole life. I was very sad to have to leave his family and him at the end of the night. I happened to randomly have a Bible with me, as, since I hitched rides all day after church, I had no place to put it.
His wife saw my bible and said, "I have read that book."
"Do you want it?"
"Yes, for my husband. He wants one, now."
So, I gave them my Bible. Don't worry, worriers, I'm not abandoning my faith. I have twelve more.
After we finished with everything, and the New Orleanians began to go to sleep, I drove my mother home in her vehicle. She has been going 90 to nothing this entire week. I'm not really sure what 90 to nothing means, I just know people say it when they are implying that someone has been really busy. When we got home, she passed out. She was exhausted. I am not sure when she had slept last. She is a good person.
Oh yeah, and I got paid! I got paid for that video project I am working on, even though I haven't even finished it. I am going to have to squeeze that in during this week, somehow. My editing office (a.k.a Frank's house) is pretty far from my new job/home. I will finish it somehow, though. I promised I'd be done on Wednesday. Getting paid was good. Now I can pay to drive to my new job. Driving to BR and back cost around nine dollars. My new job is downtown, which is closer, so it might be more like seven. But I have a job requiring a degree now, at least for the next 30 Days (someone call Morgan Spurlock-since he got rid of super-sizing, he owes me one), so I should, for the first time in my life, have bling. Well, maybe. I'm not really much for bling.
I really must give props to the couple that paid me. They are Christians, and I have done work for Christians before and been told, "Your payment is in the blessing God will give you," and I have thought back, "Fuck that. God wants you to pay me, so I can eat." This couple is not a "God will bless you for this" couple. They are a "When someone performs a task for you, you are required by law to pay them. This is called work, which people do in order to survive. Now, as God would want us to do, we will bless you by paying you. Then, you can eat. That way, you won't die. Here is money" couple. And not only did they pay me early-they payed me more than I was going to ask. They rule. This whole catastrophe has really put a damper on my human-beings suck mentality. People have been great. I only hope I can return the favor.
Oh, and finally:

This outfit has been hanging up since last Sunday night, when it was ironed and made ready for the Monday interview. Because of the long hours, and needed mobility, I will be wearing jeans for the next 30-days. Sorry Tie, you strangling bastard, whom I hate from the most intense flames of passion in my soul. You are just going to have to stay in the closet where you belong, you evil cloth-carved hellspawn!.
I am guessing that my blogging rate will probably drop for the next month, and I won't be able to keep up with your blogs as much, which makes me sad, but this is (supposed to be) only for a month.
Anyway, enough about me.
God bless you, and hopefully I'll be blogging with you Tuesday morning.


-E said...

Well congrats on the whole money thing. I bet you'd look hot all dressed up ;) I found out that I shall be given a new roommate. My friend who moved to New Orleans is moving back to Austin for a semester. Seems he is bringing several of his new friends with him- one of whom shall live with me. They're all going back down there Monday and Tuesday to see if there is anything they can save and just to see in person what has happened. I guess I'll be finding out who is going to be living with me in a week or two.

I'm thinking of volunteering for one of the shelters in town too. They keep flashing on the news that they need like 100 more volunteers than they are getting. You make me want to help them more but sharing the positive things. I'm sick of the negative.

And you make a list. The birds eating birds were gross. And the montage from Team America was totally in the montage thing I went to (honestly I didn't care for Team America, but that is beside the point- it has a great montage). Strong Bad's email montage was even in it.


John T. Meche III said...

You know man, my apt is pretty close to downtown...and I have a futon. If my roommate is ok with it, I could put you up for a while

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to be able to do something locally here, as I have no money to give at this point. Hoping my night job allows me to, though, we are bringing people up here from Louisiana and I'm going to see if they need any manpower assistance for things like making meals or anything like that. *sighs* I hate not being able to do more but I'm definitely still praying.

And, inanely, is that "Flaming June" I see there in the corner of that picture of your interview outfit? I have a print of that myself.

Nicholas said...

-E: Good luck, if you can volunteer. That would be awesome, but obviously, not everyone has that kind of time. You are awesome, either way. I was really disappointed by Team America. I only laughed about three times. I won't mention when-because I am embarrassed. That was one rockin montage, though.
-Meche: I think I told you in another place, but thanks again, man. If I do need a place to stay, I will definately give you a call, though I figure instead of sleeping, I will probably just talk your poor ears off, again. Take care, man.
-Jess: You can only do what you can, and prayer is definately a great thing. I definately know how it feels to have no money-maybe we will be rich some day. Oh yeah, that is Flaming June. Something about that painting takes over my brain.

Jordan said...
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Wenchy said...

I loved this post!