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Thursday, October 27, 2005

This is amusing

Saw this at
Pretty funny stuff. Anyway, I'll post longer soon. I had those confrontations, and I'm still reeling a little bit, but I'm getting better.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Oh yeah, well now what?

Well, I took the GRE. I was supposed to post on here, but I
A. Went extremely spur of the moment
B. Forgot to post
C. Thought that I had posted, but really hadn't posted this information, already.
D. Just A and C
E. All of the above
G. None of the above
My brain has been in a blender, lately. Maybe this wasn't the best time to take the test, but eh. I really wish I would have followed Slacker's advice. I also should have remembered to post that I was going to take that crazy test, today because I definately could have used like 80 people praying for me...not like 80 people read this.
Oh yeah, so my scores . So how did I do?
Well, I didn't do terrible or anything. I'm surprised I got any of the math problems correct, considering I couldn't remember what an integer was, or which axis was x and which y. I got a 530 on that, which I don't think matters much anyway since most Creative Writing programs don't care, and I only took two courses in math in college, both EARLY on.
As for the verbal, I really thought I would have done better. I got a 580. Most creative writing programs ask for a 550-600, so I guess this is good enough. At least, I hope it is. I really don't feel like taking the thing again.
I felt pretty confident on the analytical reasoning section-I won't get my scores on that for about two weeks, though. I really hope I did well on that section. I don't want to take test thing again...
Anyway, I am going to try to get in touch with some of my ex-professors, next week.
Oh, so here's a story:
After the test, I went to LSU, my old college stomping grounds. I haven't spent much time there since last year, when I ended my 4.5 year tenure with a nice sheet of paper some guy signed that says I'm smart(I can't always be self-deprecating). I spent 9/10 of the first half of this decade on that campus, and I guess I was pretty involved there. I DJ'ed at the college station for almost three years, and I had a student job in payroll for almost four. I did other stuff, too, I guess. I really miss the place, though. It felt weird going there, tonight. A good friend of mine, Dave, who DJ'ed with me back at KLSU, had entered his band into LSU's annual battle of the bands. To his surprise, they got in. His band is very fun to watch live. I hate when people say things like this, but the best way I can describe them is like a mix between They Might Be Giants and Weird Al. I usually laugh my head off at their shows. Well, they played ninth out of ten. You could tell the second they began that the crowd had joined their side. Most of the other bands I saw there (I missed half of them) were taking themselves kind of seriously. Well, maybe not that, but they weren't really getting the crowd to have much fun. Well, Dave's band had the crowd going nuts. They couldn't get enough. In the last three minutes, Dave broke just about every string on his guitar and fell off the stage. Then, he couldn't back up. I think they carried him back up there. It was awesome.
Anyway, my buddies won. I was estatic. They were a little disappointed as their slogan has always been "Making you feel better about your band" and they just really made nine other bands feel not so good. In fact, they said that from the stage after they won. Seriously, they were surprised, but I think they really deserved to win, because they are the kind of band that makes people happy, and when it comes down to a live show, that is what people want to see. Or at least that's what I want to see...
They won over $1,000 of recording studio time, and a cool bowl. And notoriety.
Anyway, sorry I just rattled on so much.
I still have to have those confrontations I talked about in the last post. If I can just get past this month, I think I might be looking at some brighter skies. Oh well, look at this weird picture of me I took last night when I flipped out after realizing that I was going to take the GRE today, after only doing about two-hours of prep work:

Yeah, I need to shave. It's gross. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what hole I'm looking through. Okay, I am going to post sweet after-the-fact responses to the comments on the post before this. Then, I am going to pass out in my sweet sweet bed that is kind of gross, because my cat has been coming in there in the mornings after hunting in the woods at night. He is truly a ferocious beast:

Kneel in terror, mere mortals, at the sight of the terrible Fats!!!
Sadly, also my best friend.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm Just Sitting in My Car and Waiting for My Girl

Metaphorically speaking.
Does anyone else get tired of waiting for things?
Why, of course you do!
The worst is when you have to wait for your own self to take action.
That would be me, right now. There are three things that I really need to do this week, and I have not done them, yet. Two of them require confrontation with other people (who I have known for a very long time), which I won't elaborate on out of respect for the people these two situations invovle, though I am pretty sure none of these people read this blog.
The other is taking the GRE. Why haven't I gone, yet? Why am I not going, tomorrow? I guess I am scared I won't do well, and because the test costs so much to take, I am scared of possibly having to spend the money to take it again. I don't know why I am so scared, as I am usually quite good at standardized-type tests, but I keep hearing GRE horror stories.
Is this thing really so hard?
I have been alone in my room a lot, the last two days. I cleaned up and reorganized, then I beat a Super Nintendo game I bought almost three years ago. Since then, I have watched four movies, and read a bit. I had a little company last night, but that is pretty much it.
So anyway, that is what I have been up to. Oh yeah, and I have been writing, a lot. To get into any MFA program, I have to turn in two to three short stories, or a portion of a novel. I am trying to figure out what to send in, and also trying to smooth some of my previous work out.
I can't wait to get "there"...

Monday, October 10, 2005

Feeling Good, and stuff, but of course I am going to analyze things anyway, because I am like that, and analyzing is a good time, especially when you

have the time to do it
Hey! I am sitting at my computer, and I don't have to go to bed in five minutes!
Okay, there was a time in my life when I hated Texas. That lasted until this spring, when I almost died there, due to the belt falling off of my engine while I was lost on the Interstate at two in the morning. I got my car into some random neighborhood there, and left it over night. The next morning, a friend and I fixed it in the rain, then sat in my car and ate donuts and drank chocolate milk. So, I (with my wonder-kid brother)went to visit that friend and his wife and their new baby, this weekend in Katy, Texas, which I am guessing will be swallowed alive by Houston in a few years. Katy is nice. I drove around there by myself very late at night, and it was quite wonderful. I decided to skip out on watching the LSU game in some Houston bar with everyone else, because LSU won the National Championship when I was a student, so really, I don't care anymore.
So, anyway, to start the night out (Saturday), I went to the movies. It is nice to go to the movies alone, sometimes. It may seem weird to some, but it is quite a different, and wonderful experience, at least to an introverted person like me. Anyway, I went to see Serenity. I wanted to see it on its release date, but my disaster aid job + Hurricane Rita made that impossible. But that job is over for me. Anyway, the movie is excellent. If you are already a Joss Whedon (the writer/director of the film) nerd, as I am, you already know this. If you aren't a Whedonite, and you like things that are good, you will probably still like it. My knees hated it, because I scraped all the skin off them in nervousness during the last 45-minutes. And with good reason. Joss is a cruel, cruel, brilliant man.
When the film ended, I went back to my friends place, watched some TV, and got really hungry. So at midnight, I got the munchies after seeing a KFC commercial. The drug which caused this munchie fit: Ihaven'teatinalldayandI'mstarving. So I drove around for a few hours looking for a KFC, but I couldn't find one. So I went to Taco Cabana. That place is a Grand Mastiff next to the Taco Bell Chihuahua. When I got back to my friends' place, everyone had gone to bed. Apparently, 2 a.m. is past some people's bedtimes. I looked at the movie shelf, and pulled out "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". I figured this was the only way the night could get stranger, so I put it in. For a commercial romantic-comedy type movie, it was actually pretty good. I like that whole Medea (Crazy old black Matriarch-figure that carries a gun in her purse) thing, because she used to baby-sit me when I was little. I live in South Louisiana. A lot of people down here are black. Hence, I grew up with, live, interact, work with, and am friends with black people. So it's nice to see a movie with black people, where the makers aren't afraid to give a nice un-Cosby portrayal. Most of the time, black and racial issues in films seem ridiculous to us in the South, because we deal with them everyday, and most modern film interpretations of these issues are about as dead on as...well, I can't think of a good analogy, but they usually miss the mark pretty badly. So, it was nice to see a film that didn't care about being PI the whole time. Sure, it wasn't Citizen Cane, or...well it wasn't even that good, but it was refreshing to see a film starring, and about black people that actually felt like it was made by black people. I enjoyed it.
Anyway, did I just spend ten-minutes on "Diary of Mad Black Woman"?
So, spending all that time with myself reminded me of something: I like myself. Actually, I like myself a lot. And Summer Glau. I like her, too.
It feels good to function just fine. It feels good to see people my age with beautiful signifficant others, and not feel lonely. I feel good, like that. And the population of Katy, Texas? I think they put something in the water, there. Seriously. If I was a modeling agent, I would spend heavy time there, eating donuts, and making lots of money.
Also, I am finally getting back to work on my novels, after Katrina put everything on the backburner. I thought about my novels a lot, while I was in Texas. Joss Whedon makes me think about stuff like that. He always has these crazy underlying moral issues going on that he doesn't spell out, or easily solve for you, and I dig that thing, and I strive to emulate that in a way, so that pepped me up. So, go see Serenity. Please. I'm begging.
We went to Galveston Bay, Sunday, to some tourist trap boardwalk. I finally got to excercise my sense of humor a bit. It was nice. I like making people snot all over themselves. I think I just used bad grammar. Anyway, I hate tourists traps, but I like making fun of them, so that was a good time. We went to some restaurant made of aquariums, where a bottle of Rolling Rock cost $4.50. I can get a six-pack of Rolling Rock from Port Allen for $5. Anyway...
I had a good time. On the flip-side, Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas took a bad pounding from Rita, and the devastation was quite noticeable, even from Interstate-10. But it looks like the clean-up effort is going well. And it was nice to get to a place that hasn't been devastated in the last two months. The Houston area felt even more like a different planet, than usual.
Well, I know I promised introspection and analyzation, and I didn't really give that, but I hope you aren't angry.
I know most of you who read this blog (the ones that comment, and the ones who don't comment, but talk to me about it in person) are at the weird post-college stage like me, and I have to say reading your blogs and indentifying with you all has really been a help to me this year, and I hope you have been enjoying mine, when I get the chance to update, and am not getting too serious and full of myself (like I am in this sentence).
It is nice posting happy things. I hope you all are well.
I am taking the rest of the night off, before I start looking for a way to take the GRE for free.
Okay, now that I am done with this, I shall read your blogs, now.
Talks to youse soon,

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's Over

My 30-day disaster relief appointment has ended. It did not feel like 30 days. It felt like three or four months. I am very happy that it is over. I am happy to have helped, and it is was nice to get paid. I don't think I want to talk about the last month for a very long time, though.
I am going to good ol Houston for the weekend, to see some friends. Then, I am coming home, taking a day off, then attempting to take the practice GRE. Then, hopefully, I will take and pass the real GRE, get my applications for Grad school filled out, and get in somewhere.
Oh yeah, while I was working twelve hour days for weeks at a time in an area totally unrelated to my field, I suddenly realized that I wanted to get back to my field. So I am going to try to get my MFA in Creative Writing, now. So I guess, after a year of no clue, I finally have a direction.
I guess my whole blog, which began with my graduation entry, has been building up to the moment that I had a clue, and now I have a clue. But I will keep blogging, anyway. There are a lot of issues I want to rant about, and now I have some time, so when I get back from Tay-haus, I will hopefully get back to my blogging self. Cool.
Well, I haven't stayed up very far past eleven in a month, so I am going to do that. Sweet!!!