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Monday, October 10, 2005

Feeling Good, and stuff, but of course I am going to analyze things anyway, because I am like that, and analyzing is a good time, especially when you

have the time to do it
Hey! I am sitting at my computer, and I don't have to go to bed in five minutes!
Okay, there was a time in my life when I hated Texas. That lasted until this spring, when I almost died there, due to the belt falling off of my engine while I was lost on the Interstate at two in the morning. I got my car into some random neighborhood there, and left it over night. The next morning, a friend and I fixed it in the rain, then sat in my car and ate donuts and drank chocolate milk. So, I (with my wonder-kid brother)went to visit that friend and his wife and their new baby, this weekend in Katy, Texas, which I am guessing will be swallowed alive by Houston in a few years. Katy is nice. I drove around there by myself very late at night, and it was quite wonderful. I decided to skip out on watching the LSU game in some Houston bar with everyone else, because LSU won the National Championship when I was a student, so really, I don't care anymore.
So, anyway, to start the night out (Saturday), I went to the movies. It is nice to go to the movies alone, sometimes. It may seem weird to some, but it is quite a different, and wonderful experience, at least to an introverted person like me. Anyway, I went to see Serenity. I wanted to see it on its release date, but my disaster aid job + Hurricane Rita made that impossible. But that job is over for me. Anyway, the movie is excellent. If you are already a Joss Whedon (the writer/director of the film) nerd, as I am, you already know this. If you aren't a Whedonite, and you like things that are good, you will probably still like it. My knees hated it, because I scraped all the skin off them in nervousness during the last 45-minutes. And with good reason. Joss is a cruel, cruel, brilliant man.
When the film ended, I went back to my friends place, watched some TV, and got really hungry. So at midnight, I got the munchies after seeing a KFC commercial. The drug which caused this munchie fit: Ihaven'teatinalldayandI'mstarving. So I drove around for a few hours looking for a KFC, but I couldn't find one. So I went to Taco Cabana. That place is a Grand Mastiff next to the Taco Bell Chihuahua. When I got back to my friends' place, everyone had gone to bed. Apparently, 2 a.m. is past some people's bedtimes. I looked at the movie shelf, and pulled out "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". I figured this was the only way the night could get stranger, so I put it in. For a commercial romantic-comedy type movie, it was actually pretty good. I like that whole Medea (Crazy old black Matriarch-figure that carries a gun in her purse) thing, because she used to baby-sit me when I was little. I live in South Louisiana. A lot of people down here are black. Hence, I grew up with, live, interact, work with, and am friends with black people. So it's nice to see a movie with black people, where the makers aren't afraid to give a nice un-Cosby portrayal. Most of the time, black and racial issues in films seem ridiculous to us in the South, because we deal with them everyday, and most modern film interpretations of these issues are about as dead on as...well, I can't think of a good analogy, but they usually miss the mark pretty badly. So, it was nice to see a film that didn't care about being PI the whole time. Sure, it wasn't Citizen Cane, or...well it wasn't even that good, but it was refreshing to see a film starring, and about black people that actually felt like it was made by black people. I enjoyed it.
Anyway, did I just spend ten-minutes on "Diary of Mad Black Woman"?
So, spending all that time with myself reminded me of something: I like myself. Actually, I like myself a lot. And Summer Glau. I like her, too.
It feels good to function just fine. It feels good to see people my age with beautiful signifficant others, and not feel lonely. I feel good, like that. And the population of Katy, Texas? I think they put something in the water, there. Seriously. If I was a modeling agent, I would spend heavy time there, eating donuts, and making lots of money.
Also, I am finally getting back to work on my novels, after Katrina put everything on the backburner. I thought about my novels a lot, while I was in Texas. Joss Whedon makes me think about stuff like that. He always has these crazy underlying moral issues going on that he doesn't spell out, or easily solve for you, and I dig that thing, and I strive to emulate that in a way, so that pepped me up. So, go see Serenity. Please. I'm begging.
We went to Galveston Bay, Sunday, to some tourist trap boardwalk. I finally got to excercise my sense of humor a bit. It was nice. I like making people snot all over themselves. I think I just used bad grammar. Anyway, I hate tourists traps, but I like making fun of them, so that was a good time. We went to some restaurant made of aquariums, where a bottle of Rolling Rock cost $4.50. I can get a six-pack of Rolling Rock from Port Allen for $5. Anyway...
I had a good time. On the flip-side, Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas took a bad pounding from Rita, and the devastation was quite noticeable, even from Interstate-10. But it looks like the clean-up effort is going well. And it was nice to get to a place that hasn't been devastated in the last two months. The Houston area felt even more like a different planet, than usual.
Well, I know I promised introspection and analyzation, and I didn't really give that, but I hope you aren't angry.
I know most of you who read this blog (the ones that comment, and the ones who don't comment, but talk to me about it in person) are at the weird post-college stage like me, and I have to say reading your blogs and indentifying with you all has really been a help to me this year, and I hope you have been enjoying mine, when I get the chance to update, and am not getting too serious and full of myself (like I am in this sentence).
It is nice posting happy things. I hope you all are well.
I am taking the rest of the night off, before I start looking for a way to take the GRE for free.
Okay, now that I am done with this, I shall read your blogs, now.
Talks to youse soon,


Anonymous said...

Nic...Joss is an evil, evil, evil man. I saw it Saturday afternoon with Neal (we met halfway between our respective towns, several hours for each, to see it together since we saw all of the actual shows together. Hey, gotta have some kinda tradition, eh? *winks*) and we both were saying all weekend, "I can't believe [thing that happened in the movie, which I assume you are talking about]..."

Of course, we wondered if anyone who had just seen the movie without watching the actual television shows had the same reaction as we did since they didn't get to know the characters as intimately as we did. *sighs*

Neal's going to be opening up a discussion on his blog soon so if you feel like discussing it, go there within the next few days. (He'll have a spoiler alert up and the main post behind a cut so don't worry about ruining it for anyone.)

*sighs again*

Southern Sweetheart said...

Hi -- my first visit here but I enjoyed reading your post.....just thought I'd comment and not just be a lurker! :)

-E said...

Serenity....sigh. I want more. And I want more of what I can't have. Oh well, more of any will be good!

Houston.....I lived there till I was almost 13. I personally view it lovingly as being a freckle near the anus of the universe. Really fond of it, can't you tell?

Glad you are liking yourself. And can I say I am glad you enjoy going to the movies by yourself? I love it, it is one thing I can rely on to get rid of any bad mood or funk I am in. I might just do that sometime this week, between naps :)

Nicholas said...

Jess: Thanks for the invitation! I'm there. After seeing Serenity's box office for the weekend, I am sighing, too.
Wanting More: Sometimes I feel like a lurker on my own blog.
-E: I want more, too. And to the movies thing: Sweet! We are partners in solitude.

-E said...

Partners in solitude is probably safer than being partners in crime :)

Nicholas said...

Yeah, safe is my middle name. Well, my given middle name. I dropped that years ago, though...okay, no I didn't.

Jordan said...

I have to admit, I've never been a buffy fan (I know, you and the legions of fans are about to slaughter me for that) and honestly, I thought from the trailers at least that Serenity looked typical. I trust you though about movies most usually so I'll have to see that one sometime.
I do enjoy time by myself and I love watching movies at home alone, sometimes it's the only way, but I don't usually go to the theatre alone. That's more of a group thing for me I guess; since I usually am by myself, I try and even it up.

It's good to see friends in good moods. I'm glad to hear some happy tales, had never known about the near-death Texas deal, and didn't know you went to Texas this past weekend, I'm guessing with Jon right? Though wait, he went to Dallas? I don't know. Me, I'd like to get out of LA soon for some R&R, or just go to some part of the state that is country, and not destroyed...

I've always thought of Texas as another planet, a really really strange one I don't like crossing over. I'll never forget some of the billboards I've seen there, some definitely daunting.

See you around Nic, take care,