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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's Over

My 30-day disaster relief appointment has ended. It did not feel like 30 days. It felt like three or four months. I am very happy that it is over. I am happy to have helped, and it is was nice to get paid. I don't think I want to talk about the last month for a very long time, though.
I am going to good ol Houston for the weekend, to see some friends. Then, I am coming home, taking a day off, then attempting to take the practice GRE. Then, hopefully, I will take and pass the real GRE, get my applications for Grad school filled out, and get in somewhere.
Oh yeah, while I was working twelve hour days for weeks at a time in an area totally unrelated to my field, I suddenly realized that I wanted to get back to my field. So I am going to try to get my MFA in Creative Writing, now. So I guess, after a year of no clue, I finally have a direction.
I guess my whole blog, which began with my graduation entry, has been building up to the moment that I had a clue, and now I have a clue. But I will keep blogging, anyway. There are a lot of issues I want to rant about, and now I have some time, so when I get back from Tay-haus, I will hopefully get back to my blogging self. Cool.
Well, I haven't stayed up very far past eleven in a month, so I am going to do that. Sweet!!!


-E said...

Tay-haus is always glad to have you visit, even if it is Htown and not Atown :-P

I'm glad you figured out what you want to do. I'm rooting for you all the way, but you probably know that.

Jordan said...

Its good to hear things worked out, and that you're finally relieved and have a clue what you wanna do. I guess all things do work together for good 'ey? Good to see a new blog finally. I was hopin you hadn't deserted us here and went off to live on some hippie commune. That'd be no good. See you around man and take care. Have fun in Houston, whateva you b doin'.


Nicholas said...

Yay! Thanks! I feel good, too.