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Thursday, November 17, 2005

I have a song up!!!

I have a song up!!! I have a song up!!!!!!!
Special thanks to Jordan for his advice and for recording this thing for me on his sweet Fostex!
Be starts with some seconds of silence, and you'll need to turn it up.
Hope it doesn't make blood run out your ears.
Also, check out the post I wrote under this. It is awesome!!!


Jordan said...

dood why you got a rip of explosions in the sky on your myspace? lol kidding. Man it was fun making that thing. Hope you like it :-p! Let's do it again sometime.

kurstal said...

that definitely cheered me up...really, it was lovely...that's my perfect word for it :)

Jon said...

Yeah dude, I already told you in person, but now everyone can here me say it. I really liked the song. Wicked awesome keys!

"I ain't gettin in no damn boat!"