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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

PERSONAL LIFE: Spending New Years Alone?

I can only remember spending New Years Eve night at home and alone once. It was New Years Eve 1999. I had just had a cyst removed from my lower back/butt, and I couldn't walk. My mother and brother were home, but they were a sleeping non-factor.
I am seriously thinking of spending this New Years Eve alone just to do it. I remember having a lot of time for contemplation in 1999 (as I had just been through a lot(plus I was really hoping the world would end that night)). I've never been to a New Years Eve party or get together that justified itself. So maybe I'll spend the night alone and at home for the second time.
Until then, I am heading out to Georgia to see LSU compete in the Peach Bowl. I'm hoping to have a good time. Aren't we all, though? Well, YEAH!!!
When I return, I am hoping to write my 2nd annual best of the year music list (and maybe some other lists this time). You know you can't wait for my lists! You love them!!! Right?...


Jordan said...

you have no arms

Jordan said...

I believe I'll be doing the same thing this year, not out of my own will (I'm sick) but who knows- might be fun.