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Thursday, December 08, 2005

PERSONAL/RANT LIFE: Working till your eyes bleed

I am now of the theory that no matter how much one likes something, if one does it enough, one won't like it anymore. For instance, writing. I have had to do so much revision of my own fictional works in the last month for grad-school apps. that my eyes are bugging out of my head. When I see a comma I am uncertain about, I get a headache. I change sentences I wrote two years ago back to their original form after making huge changes to them over the last twenty-four months. I am involuntarily developing my own short hand-I am so used to certain words that I simply don't type them, leading to sentences such as:
I to the store, finally, bought what we for the week.
Do you know what that means? Well, I don't!
Anyway, I am definitely a big fan for everything in moderation. I can barely look at this screen, anymore. So, I thought, why not blog for a little while-whoops-I forget that modern society requires all interaction and activity to be done through a twenty-inch screen. There is no escaping it? That question mark was intentional.
I also wonder if the collective eyesight of the world is going to completely go to pot over the next few years. How are we going to keep our sight when we have to stare at a screen for so many hours of our life? I don't know.
I'm sleepy. Bright lights annoy me, so I have the lights out, the curtain partially drawn, and a candle lit. It is gray and nice outside. I wish I were bundled up and sleeping beneath the leaves. Oh well. A guy can have his slightly paganistic dreams, right?
Goodnight. Or something.


Chief Slacker said...

I've wondered about the eysight of the world as well, look how many people have corrective lenses. I spose it's only a few more yaers till bionic eyes though eh?

Nicholas said...

I think I would much rather bionic eyes than contact lenses-the thought of putting those things in gives me the creeps!

Annalucia said...

``I to the store, finally, bought what we for the week.
Do you know what that means? Well, I don't!''

I'll take a wild guess and say, ``I went to the store, finally, and bought what we need for the week.'' Don't worry about it; everyone who writes a lot develops their own weird little shorthand. Mine involves eliminating pronouns :)

As for corrective lenses, well, I've had mine since I was 10 - and that was 1962, waaay before computer screens. Yes, we had TV then, but I didn't watch much of it. Possibly the fact that we *read* so more than people did in past centuries, or do really close work - that might be the culprit. Or maybe all those folks could have used glasses too, and just didn't have access to them. Who knows.