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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Well, why not?

I usually take this part of the year as a time to be all contemplative, reflective, and changey. So I take a lot of walks with my friend Rufus. Here are some of Rufus and my travels:

Rufus is indeed a beast without fangs.

Apparently, scientists call this organism a "tree."

Scientists also have a name for this: "plant."

Rufus digs far below the ground to make an incredible discovery. Apparently, under the grass is this strange substance called "dirt."

Two miles to the Mississippi. Ninety miles to the sea.

The slowest moving army in America.

Nothing but trees and e-wires.

For you. Hope you're not allergic.

The Road to Zion?

Here's the rope. One person got that. Maybe.

I knew my uncle had been drinking, but to be honest, this came as a shock.

For some reason I just really like this sort of thing.

Pictures are stupid.


Jordan said...

pictures R stupid. Nice pictures nic. I didn't get the rope but I got your uncle drunk. sorries!

leslie said...

ahem, i thought his name was roux. or is that a different beast altogether? all i know is i love roux (or rufus, as the case may be) and this comment is the result of a runny nose/headache on a thursday night when i can't sleep. anyway, happy adventures and two points for the flowers picture.

Jordan said...

a sad day!

when you go and get your own recorder (well you will soon you say)!
and no more trips to New Roads on "business" for me. What will I ever tell the coworkers and girlfriend now? That I'm just going to "hang out" oh "he has his own, but I _might_ be needed" ah I can't believe this.
And after all that, you've taken a Steinbeck book's title as your band name? (that's pretty cool name actually) Well nic, your lucky, cuz I just can't stay made at you! you silly goose you! oh I just want to squeeze you billy (oh billy...?)

So...gnep gnep...when can I borrow it?

:) I'm happy don't worry
but I might be asking you to do my synth lines now if that's ok.

Nicholas said...

Leslie:Yeah, it's Roux. Rufus is his Christian name, though. We call each other by our professional sounding names (he calls me "Mr. Nicholas" or "sir"). BTW, in the 13-month history of this blog, you are the first person to comment and leave a xanga address, which is crazy considering all my slutty cousins have xangas, and I comment on those whores' xangas all the time but have NEVER gotten a blog comment from them. Anyway, thanks! Happy adventures to you, too!

J'Man:Dude, I may soon have my own recorder, but your help I will still sometimes need. Somebody has to tell whether stuff sucks or not.
BTW, I wish I could say I took the name from the Steinbeck book (which is actually just a travelogue), but I actually took it from a special on Humboldt squids on the Discovery Channel (Before, I had always none that particular body of water as the Gulf of California).
Also, I will do synth lines for you anytime :) it me, or did that sound dirty?

Nicholas said...

Oh, none = known.

Jordan said...

squids are awesome. I like eating them. and remembering how Steinbeck calls them "devilfish". That's just a travelouge? Cool, I haven't read it as you can tell. Cool name all the same.

Do some lines together?

That's dirty, Nic. Bad habits make bad friends.


Nicholas said...

Hey, everybody, I know it's 12 years later, and no one cares, but "Rope" was a U2 reference. Sorry for being so obtuse. Also, none of you were even alive when that album came out, so expecting any of you to get it was particularly mean.
RIP Roux I