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Saturday, April 22, 2006

TV on the Radio Destroys Baton Rouge

(If you don't care at all about my TV on the Radio experience, that's okay because this is actually a commentary on race)
Last night Crystal and I ventured out to the Spanish Moon to check out NYC-based rock and roll band TV on the Radio (who are mentioned in my best of 2005 write-up under the should-have-been listed in 2004 section). TV on the Radio is hard to describe. I believe I have previously referred to them as Neo-Crooning Electro-Soul. That was a stupid thing to say.
The show was super good-times, and I don't want to ruin the memory by trying to describe it (if you want to hear what this band sounds like (and I highly recommend that you check them out) click here). I did notice something strange, though--
Before hundreds of thousands of Katrina-displaced persons (the majority African-American) moved into Baton Rouge, the city was already about 60 % African American. Four out of the five members of TV on the Radio are black. The Spanish Moon is in a black neighborhood.
Three out of about two-hundred audience members were black.
What's up with that?
I have been trying to figure it out. If I had to classify TV on the Radio in an extremely general way, I would say they are a Rock band. Do the majority of African-Americans not like rock music (even though they invented it)? Even if the musicians are black? Do the majority of African-Americans in Baton Rouge not have the resources to know about TV on the Radio? Is the Spanish Moon a "white" hang-out, despite its location? I don't know. It just seems like food for thought (Or mind-wasting thought. I can't tell).
I think I will ask someone who can tell me.


leslie boo said...

another post sprinkled with parenthetical statements!


Jordan said...

I think The Spanish Moon is mainly a "white" hang out, what with eighties night and other "white people" activities involving bad dancing. As for most "black" people not liking rock, well I'm not sure, but it does seem like that. I've met a few cool cats who were "African American" and liked "rock". As for having the resources to know about this band, they do. Everyone has the "library" to use for the inter"net" (the only reason anyone goes to the library now, I'm convinced) but it just seems like their interests lie other places. That's interesting most of the guys in the band are "black" though, "I" think that's good for them and good for rock "'n" roll (and for us! yeah!). Micah from Silent Cinema was a cool kid, a good songwriter, and a "brother" from N.O. Maybe it's different up in N.Y.? I'll ask my friend.

I'll check these guys out.


Jon said...

i thought i replied to this post? maybe it was a myspace message, regardless you should make a new post and go on and on about how in loooooooove you are and how aaaaaaaawesome everything is and how much you just looooooo- ok I'm just kidding, but seriously post.


leslie said...

i agree with jon.