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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A promise

I promise I'm not going anywhere...figuratively. Literally, my wife and I are having to move twice in the next three weeks, as our lease here is ending, and our new place won't be ready til mid-October. So I'm not getting much Net-time. But I am doing quite well, otherwise. I hope to be back to bloggin in no time.
By the way, I think my number one typing error is know for no.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Sometimes it feels like we are caught up in a tornado we cannot control, even if it is we who helped start it. The thing about a tornado is, once it starts, it will only end on its own time, when it runs itself out, when God decides it is through, when those involved reach a point of rest. That is where the danger is. At least for me. I have always found it easy to have a way. I have always found it easy to a way. The thing is, patience is the key...if you forgive something or trust in faith that matters will get better but eventually tire of the rate of progress, even with yourself, you risk stepping from the shelter of patience and back into the storm just as it was actually dying.
Perseverance is the key, and we are supposed to persevere through faith. I find that these gaps in my patience, no matter how well something has progressed, are showing themselves to be holes in my faith. Which shows me how silly it is to think I am anything good at all...because I know at some point I will lose patience again.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

"Movies about Gay People Offend Me"

So I work at the library now, or as some people from around the area call it, the "libary". It is a pretty cool job, and I am learning a lot, but being introduced to whole new worlds of lunacy.
We have a very large DVD collection, and often people come in with not-happy faces, clinging tightly to what they have previously checked out, ready to unleash complaints. These complaints usually involve the content of the film they have checked out. Though all our film cases contain the film rating and a brief description of the film's plot, people sometimes still find ways to be shocked by what they have checked out.
(QUICK NOTE: Bare with my dodgy prose here, I haven't written anything in a LONG time.)
Well, the other day this woman came in looking particularly enraged. In her own words she was "extremely offended as a Christian woman" by the film she was returning. Holding back snickers (because I think I am better than everyone else
), I asked why she was so offended.
"Why?" she rhetorically asks, as if I have asked her why it is neccessary to breathe,"because it was all about...GAYS!" Gays. Those darned gays are always popping up everywhere. Apparently the film was Angels in America, an HBO miniseries based on a play of the same name, winner of 11 Emmy Awards. I should preface this by saying I have never seen this miniseries. I hear it is quite good, but I really can't comment on the content because I haven't seen it. What I can say is that the number one complaint from patrons in regard to DVDs is that the film they have checked out was "all about gays." My usual response is to say "thank you", reshelve the movie with all the other movies, go into my office and ask someone what year we are currently living in. Though I think that the homosexual 'movement' is one of the biggest threats to the church and to America today, I think that...
okay, actually, I think that homosexuals are about as big a threat to the church and America as Sobe's new flavor of iced tea,
but I guess these particular persons' deal is, if their taxes are paying for our collection, should our collection contain titles that offend them?...
I would say yes, our collection should most definitely contain titles that offend or challenge someone, and...
Are people still supposed to say things loudly in public like, "I was greatly offended. This movie was about gay people."? Often times the "I am a Christian, and..." comment is thrown in there as well.
Doesn't this make us (Christians) look bad? As a Christian, I guess I fall on the more 'liberal' side of the Christian spectrum, and while slightly ambiguous in my beliefs in certian areas of the matter, I don't think anyone has the right (I mean figurative, not literal "right") to tell gay people what they can or cannot do, that they are sinners, and ESPECIALLY that they are headed to a certain area of the afterlife.
No matter your opinion, though, is loudly stating in a public place that simply viewing filmed material featuring actors playing homosexuals greatly offends you really going to win homosexuals to your cause? What will this make them think of you? That you are supercool awesome, and that you have the answer to the great question of life? Or that you are an insensitive, intolerant bigot...or worse...someone who does not in anyway care about people different from you? I think the latter...I mean, if someone brought back Under the Tuscan Sun and complained to me that it was "All about Italians" in a disgusted voice, I would probably punch them in the face. If I was a homosexual and someone turned in a Will and Grace DVD and loudly complained that it was all about gays and should be labeled or removed (actual situation), I would punch them in the face, too.
So anyway, I have completely forgotten how to organize a post. I don't think organization was ever my strong suit.
Any opinions on this? I think people who get offended by films involving gays should just not check out movies featuring gay characters. This seems like a much more sensible solution than attempting to end other people's opportunities to check the movies out, or actually labeling every movie with a gay character "GAY". Am I wrong in stating that, despite the fact that these people's taxes are paying for our collection, only keeping items which are non-offensive to all people is censorship? And that censorship is bad? Really bad?
Does this even matter?

Addendum: GO TIGERS!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


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Well, we're back.

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Stronger and better than ever.

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We're higher off the ground, and we've got new bracing to hold us in place when a hurricane comes to smash us.

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I've got a beautiful wife.

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Shennanigans....and a few more pounds.

But I'm still mad as hell about a great many things, and it would be unfair to make Crystal listen to me whine all day. It's time to blog again.