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Friday, April 17, 2009

Drunken Temper

This morning, NPR broadcasted a story about a guy who had invented an IPhone application to prevent people from drunk-texting people they would later regret drunk-texting. The inventor did this because his own drunk-texting had gotten so out of hand, he could not even be trusted with a phone.
If you find that every weekend you are getting so drunk you are accidentally sending booty-call texts to your own father, here is an idea, and bare with me because it is complex:


The above story almost caused me to swerve my car onto the sidewalk in an attempt to hit a puppy or kitten. For the past few weeks I have found everything I encounter is either stressing me out or pissing me off. Maybe it is this whole impending dad thing. If you think of me and are so inclined, please pray for me.


jess said...

Will do! (Maybe you're getting a cold or something, too. I tend to get really cranky about little things when I'm getting sick.)

As far as the iPhone app, Gmail has something similar in Labs that will make it more difficult to drunk email people. I agree, though. If you don't want to drunk text or drunk email or drunk dial, maybe you just shouldn't get drunk -- especially if it gets out of hand and seems to happen "all the time", which probably means you are an alcoholic.

Nicholas said...

Thanks! I did get the sniffles for a little while, but thankfully they went away. I actually texted Crystal right after I posted this and told her I was in danger of murdering someone for coughing, but thanks to everyone's prayers, I think I am out of my funk. Later in the day, as I was sitting outside reading, the wind blew my bookmark into a bush.
I just smiled.