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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Being an Expecting Dad is Weird/Parental Assimilation

I was about to start posting about how weird it is to be an expecting dad, but the guy who sits next to me at work just had a seizure. I called 911, we propped him up, and he is at the emergency room now, awake and okay. Craziness.
Anyway, being an expecting dad is weird because, like what just happened here 10 minutes ago, things are pretty much out of your hands. You can treat your wife well, you can read books on everything, and most importantly, you can pray, but that is it. The whole thing is in God's hands, and you just have to trust Him that everything is okay. Having a baby is definitely a faith builder, and that aspect makes me even more thankful that the whole thing is happening.
Every morning I wake up an hour early and jog. I love it. It makes me feel great. I started doing it when I started this new job last fall because here I pretty much never move my body. The funny thing about running in the morning is there is no one else running in the morning. Most mornings I see no one. One morning I saw three people and I thought the sky was falling. In the afternoons, though, the sidewalks are packed. After a long day of work, the last thing I want to do is run. I am exhausted. I don't get why that is when everyone else wants to exercise. Maybe I am slowly picking up my parents early-rise, crash in the evening habits. Strange.

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