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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Everyone is Here, Everyone is Gone

I'll be honest. This blog doesn't get an eighth of the readers it did in its heyday. Though I am fine with this and think I write for different reasons now anyway, I would like to explore an element relating to my decreased patronage.
A major reason for a decrease in readers is that I went more than two years without significantly posting. Another is that I am obviously not as prolific entrywise in comparison to earlier times. I think the main reason is because of one missing link.
Shortly after I quit blogging, and shortly before I got married, I took down the Nicsperiment link on Facebook. At the time, Facebook was still accessible to college students and recent graduates only. Unless you had a college e-mail address, you could not create an account. Obviously this is not the case now. Four years ago, my classmates, friends, and relatives my age had easy access to the Nicsperiment because there was a link to and description of it at the top of my then often-used Facebook page. People I wanted to share my opinions with came from there in droves. I know this from their comments on this blog and their comments to me in the ever decreasing real-world. I also know this because Internet software told me so.
Anyway, four years later Facebook is not just for college students and recent graduates. It is for everyone. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. I am Facebook friends with my parents' friends. I certainly do not want my parents' friends to read this. I don't even want my own parents, God bless them, to read this. So I am certainly not linking back to Facebook.
Also, you are now googled when you apply for a job. Old friends used to find my blog all the time by googling me to see what I had been up to. Because of the first sentence in this paragraph, my name is most certainly not attached to this blog anymore.
All aspects of the Internet world are becoming less private, the sense of frontier and freedom it holds less existant.


John T. Meche III said...

I publish on Facebook still. I too wish for anonymity on the web when blogging, but since I have not found it, I reserve my most private posts for paper and talks over coffee. I just wish Facebook would publish the way I want it to. People can see my blog posts as "notes" on Facebook. I want them to have to come to my site to read the content and only be able to see the post titles on Facebook so that the post will retain its formatting. Unfortunately this isn't the case.

Nicholas said...

I have definitely been putting some stuff to paper only lately.
It would be awesome if Facebook would allow you to do what you are talking about. Could you just post the title on blogger, then go back into edit post and paste the text into it? Or does it post to Facebook when you do post edits through blogger?
I just don't think I could post to Facebook now, though. Just thinking about comments on statuses I've posted makes me shudder at the unwelcome blog comments I would get.

Nicholas said...

Oh, dude, by the way, I have been meaning to tell you that Brick is an awesome movie. I wish everyone had to talk like that all the time.

John T. Meche III said...

Yeah. I wish I lived in the Brick world. The dialog is amazing. I watch it with captions on just so I can read it. The director has his second movie coming out soon: The Brothers Grimm. Also the director published Brick as a novella.

The way it works is that my blog posts appear on facebook as facebook notes. Check out my notes on my facebook profile to see what it looks like.