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Monday, May 18, 2009

Paper Death

I just got back from a wonderfully relaxing vacation to Grand Isle. Okay, it only lasted two days, but it was lovely. Before I left I had a conversation with some friends on the death of the newspaper. This topic makes me very sad, but apparently no one I know cares.
I know it kills trees and all, but I love having the printed word before me. Plus, it smells so good. I don't like staring at a computer screen. Many people blame the Internet for the newspaper's demise, but I will now point the finger at something else:
Cable news networks.
Fox News, CNN, MSNBC.
All of them.
Maybe I think Fox News sucks the worst.
They all suck, though.
When I got home last night, I watched about three hours of TV. Give me a break, I was tired. Every time I flipped by a cable news channel the same story occupied the top half of the screen: JON AND KATE OVER? The most important news item for the majority of the night was whether or not a reality TV couple is going to break up. This is not news. This is not important to the rest of the world. This is none of our business. Many people prefer to leave their televisions on these channels than to leave them turned off. Meanwhile, newspapers all across the nation are going out of business. I think it is way easier to sit at home and watch mind-numbing stories for hours than to actually thumb through a paper and engage your mind with what is going on in the world. Maybe we are all too tired.

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