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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aging is Weird

My wife and I are going to see Harry Potter at midnight tonight, just like we did for the last Harry Potter film. I have probably been to two dozen midnight movies in my life. I love doing this. Every time I do it, it gets more difficult. The next day I feel like I am on my deathbed.
I used to get up after a midnight movie in the morning and go see the movie again.
I think this may be our last one. With full-time jobs and baby on the way I just don't see how we will pull it off. I am desperately waiting for someone to tell me this is not the case.
I am not enjoying aging. I used to have the ability to eat two large pizzas, eat half a bucket of ice cream, and play video games until sunrise. If I eat half a pizza now, I have to run for a week to burn it off, and ice cream makes me naseous and gives me heartburn if I eat more than half a bowl. This is stupid. I am turning 28 in a few months, and I thought my body would stay springy until my mid-30s at least. Not so. I am already wishing I was 26 again. That was my metabolism's last hurrah. That was awesome. I know I don't eat great, but I definitely eat better than I used to. I am running a few miles every morning, too.
I blame this desk job. My body is getting acclimated to a sedentary state. Anything else feels unnatural. My eyes are going, too. I used to have 20-20. I could see a mountain from my backyard, and I live in Louisiana. Not really, but my vision was great. Now I can barely read my computer monitor, which I blame for wounding my vision.
I am glad we get perfected bodies when we die.
I am too tired and crotchety to proofread this.

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