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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Me and My Big Mouth

I like to talk. If no one is around, I still talk. More than anything, I like to tell stories. Unfortunately, though I think most people find me entertaining, this can come to their detriment.
Case in point, last night Crystal and I went to dinner with my cousin Amber and her good friend visiting her from Italy. This girl seemed very interesting, but I cannot tell you a thing about her because I never shut up long enough for her to talk. I realize that this new incarnation of my blog has been really nothing but psychiatric therapy for me, and much like my post from a few months back about spending time with elder family members, I hope to also begin to listen to others more--not just listen, but actually ask them questions and show interest in their lives. I can't help wanting to tell stories--I'm fairly certain that is what I've been put here to do--that and use dashes--but I can definitely help making people feel like I don't give a care about them.


jess said...

I know exactly what you mean! For the past few years, I've been noticing (and combating) my tendency to tell story after story about myself. I do NOT want to be know as "that person" and especially do not want to be known as "that person who always has to one-up someone else," if you know what I mean. Where's the line? I'm still trying to find the one that is satisfactory for me.

(Okay, my word verification is "minest," which kind of concerns me. Is it telling me I'm more selfish than I thought I was, because I do the story-telling thing? Like, I'm the "mine"-est person in the world?)

Nicholas said...

My word verification right now is 'gostsu' which is a word jumble for 'gotssu' which is essentially 'gots to', which means we have no choice. We have to talk about ourselves.