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Monday, September 07, 2009

You Are Smarter than a Celebrity

Considering that about six people read this blog regularly, all either college educated or in the process, I think it is safe to say that everyone who is reading this is smarter than your average celebrity. This post is brethren to the post below it.
I wrote the Education vs. Ignorance post after hearing several local parents overreact to a video that will be shown in public schools this week. Apparently (I haven't seen it, so I have to use this word) a video of President Obama simply encouraging children to consider the importance of education is, according to some people, brainwashing. I guess telling children to "stay in school" and "try their hardest" constitutes a threat to our young people, or as one person so eloquently put it, "communist nazi propaganda". I was not aware that Socialism, far left of the spectrum, and Fascism, far right of the spectrum, could be combined into one super-evil political milieu that our President somehow personifies. Apparently, as the person saying this is a "non-elitist", this is possible.
All that to say that another video, this one not featuring nor endorsed by our President, therefore obviously not the video that will be shown our children, has been floating around the web:

This video features a parade of mostly college-dropout (in some cases high school-dropout) celebrities. Clearly the principal made a mistake in showing this video to the students, assuming the video would be innocuous when it is obvious on one viewing to be otherwise.
These celebrities are just as numbskulled as the citizens who believe this is the video that will be shown to their children, though. Sure Gina Gershon can say "I pledge to support stem-cell research," but could she explain to you what it is? I seriously doubt it. I doubt many of the celebrities could tell you anything more intelligent than your average loudmouthed, self-righteous, uneducated person I ragged on in the last post because they are just as uneducated. The only difference is that they are in a self-important Hollywood bubble that not only balloons their perceived need that we have for them, but also inflates their feelings that somehow intelligence got them to a position where their voice can be heard. Just a hunch, but I am guessing it probably didn't. I think history has pretty much proven that physical appearance has no correlation to intelligence. I will just take a logistical leap here and say that if the previous sentence is true, most celebrities are idiots. That being said, I know that everyone who reads this blog (especially you, lovely wife!) are miraculous combinations of both.

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