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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Being a Dad is Great

After more than three weeks of parenthood, I have to say that being a father is wonderful. Of course, I don't have to feed him off of materials produced by my own body for the majority of the day, and I can escape at any moment, but I am definitely quite enjoying things.
Also, I am only noticing today that I have long had a torrid love affair with the word 'definitely'.


Anonymous said...

My word is "actually." I don't think Neal minds, though. ;)

I'm glad you guys are enjoying parenthood. It sounds like you were definitely ready for this. I hope Crystal is just as contented and happy (even if she is the producing the food materials with her own body.) :D

Jim S said...

Careful Nick, the numbers don't lie:

Nicholas said...

Jess: Thanks! She definitely is!
Jim:"renowned child psychologist Dr. Pritha Singh, author of Born Without Souls" HAHAHA!!! A world without The Onion is a lesser place.