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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Geez, I Stink at This

I have noticed a disturbing trend in my blogging. Every time I build up any sort of momentum, I quit.
At the start of the summer of 2005 I had picked up a decent number of readers and was breaking into reviews. Then I took the summer off. I picked blogging up again at the end of that summer, blogged hard until summer of 2006, built up a huge readership with regular readers from all around the world, delved into difficult topics provoking interesting discussion (and in my not so humble opinion, those posts predated a lot of religious discussion that is only now beginning to hit the mainstream) then quit. Then I started again, then quit. Finally, at the end of last year (2009), I began blogging again with a focus predominantly on reviews, got a lot of hits, started to show up on review aggregate sites, quit again.
I don't know why I cannot blog consistently. It is one of the most persistent irritations of my life. Is it just not that important to me? Is my passion for blogging hot and cold? I don't think this inconsistency parallels anything else in my life, which is good, but why can't I just keep blogging?
Any ideas? I don't expect any comments because why would anyone want to put energy into checking a website that is never updated.