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Friday, June 03, 2011

Dubstep vs Techno

Lately I have noticed that any electronic passage of music from any song has been referred to as "dubstep," as well as any completely electronic song. I came across this awesome re-mix

of Bat for Lashes' "Daniel" by Mt Eden the other day. When I was in high school and people were doing lots of ecstacy and having raves in three story houses with different themes for every floor, this would have been called techno. Since that was like twelve years ago, it's called dubstep now, but I guess there is a difference.
Dubstep should have a fairly slow beat and lots of wobble, wobble bass. Techno should have a constant, steady beat and more fluid bass.
That's about all I can come up with. I know all you young fellers just don't want to use the term "techno" because it is old, so everything is "dubstep," and I guess that is fine and finally proves that I am not that hip anymore, but whatever.
Then again, considering that everyone thought this

was the best song ever back in the day, maybe dubstep IS cooler.
Do you guys still do cuddle puddles? Or I guess you kids just smoke weed now like a bunch of stinky hippies! Get a job!

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laurenthevampireslayer said...

hahahaha thanks for reminding me about that song!