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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wishful Thinking

There is nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking sometimes. When my wife was not yet my wife, I had a lot of wishful thinking moments. Sometimes we need those just to get by. I like that kind of wishful thinking, though too much of it can drive you crazy.
Then there is the bad wishful thinking--the kind that replaces the truth. I mentioned that in my post about gas prices a little while back. If we replace facts with wishful thinking in the way we make decisions and live our lives, we are in for a heap of trouble.
Likewise with our faith. As a Christian, the guideline for my life is the Bible. If it was not, then I would not be a Christian. I feel strongly that many Christians now base their faith more on wishful thinking than what the Bible says. To be spiteful and extremely Internet-ish, I will just call someone out in particular in the hopes that they see this and comment so I can argue with them because they inspired this post.
That person is whoever went by the signature "pf o" on the comments block for Christianity Today's review of David Bazan's new album, Strange Negotiations. David Bazan was a Christian once, but is not a Christian anymore.
How do I know this?
Because he says he is not.
That is pretty much the easiest way to tell if someone is not a Christian. If they confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is not Lord, they are not a Christian. Pretty simple.
I love music, and most of the music I listen to is by non-Christians. I don't see a problem with this in general. I do see a problem with me personally listening to David Bazan's current music. The Bible tells us that it is worse to come to know Christ and then become an unbeliever than to just be an unbeliever. I don't just wish that it says this. It ACTUALLY SAYS THIS. LITERALLY. All I did in response to Christianity Today's glowing review of Bazan's work is quote scripture, 2 Peter 2 to be exact. The scripture says that Bazan is eating his own vomit. The scripture is true. Thus Bazan is eating his own vomit. I don't want to hear him sing about it. There is no way this can be beneficial to me.
Christianity Today has a time window for comments to be allowed. Right at the end of the time limit, this "pf o" person posted this in response to my comment,
"I think the majority of his work is in response to reactionary comments like yours as the same author(s) the Psalmist that you quote with pious conviction, questions their Creator, sin, death, pain, faith, and suffering"
Here is my comment to this person, posted here since the window expired before I could respond on Christianity Today's website. Might as well make it a letter:

Dear pf o,
Thank you! Peter is my favorite Psalmist! Wait, my bad, bro, actually David wrote the Psalms and they are in the Old Testament. Dang, that is confusing since all kinds of people wrote the Bible and stuff. I'm sorry for being "reactionary", though, by quoting scripture literally. I guess since David Bazan doesn't believe in God, His Son, or the Bible, he probably would have a negative response to my comment, just like you did. Thank you for teaching me the word "pious", as well. Since I wasn't sure if you were being ironic, since you apparently don't like literal things, I looked the word up and found it meant, "having or showing a dutiful spirit of reverence for god or an earnest wish to fulfill religious obligations." Of course, that was just the first definition, so if you were being ironic and calling me "hypocritical" or "sanctimonious" as the second definition states, I find that interesting. I'm not sure how actually believing what the Bible says is "hypocritical." Actually, how about I drop the dumb shmuck stuff.
Let's be literal.
You, my Internet acquaintance, are ignorant. You are ignorant of the Word because you have demonstrated you don't even know the difference between a Psalm and an Epistle, let alone their context, intent, or meaning. You are ignorant because YOU became a judge with your comments, something I never did because I used Scripture and not OPINION to back up what I said. You are ignorant because you do not know the difference between questioning the Creator, sin, death, pain, faith, suffering and flat out denying the Creator exists. If you say that He does not exist, you aren't questioning Him, and questioning Him IS something that "the Psalmist" did indeed do frequently, just as I do every single day of my pious life.

Anyway, in conclusion, if you are going to have an opinion or live your life a certain way, back it up with something. Wishful thinking won't work.


derek Hale said...

I would like to shed some light on the subject of Christian wishfull thinking.
Lets go to the heart of the matter,
" Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness ".Spoken by Jesus Himself.( "these are not my words they are my Fathers" ).
There is righteousness and there is wickedness.There is no middle ground.I have searched hard in Scripture and cannot find any.
Much of Christianity is wishful thinking.If Christian beliefs are
based on less than the whole truth,on a chosen set of a few truths only and an entire personal
doctrine is contrived around these few truths then we end up with
wishful thinking.

Derek Hale

Nicholas said...

Right on, man.