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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Album Leaf -- In a Safe Place


Seven years ago, I included this album on my Top 9 list for the year. I had this little nugget to say about the album: "...all I can say is, if you like beautiful sounds pooled together to create music, if you like to just sit down, breathe out your stress and aggression and relax, then you will probably like this CD." I still feel the same way, the only difference being that I can say a lot more, and hopefully better.
In 2004, Jimmy LaValle took the already intimate and comforting sound he had previously forged and took it to Iceland. He joined with members of Sigur Rós, Múm, and Amiina to create an even more pacifying sound. Notice I said "pacifying," not "boring." Let's just get ridiculous with our imaginations here:
Say you had a group of friends--one played the...bah...nevermind. Just imagine being in your room or somewhere else you feel safe while people you are comfortable around play pretty, relaxing music for you. The music isn't boring--it's actually a bit emotional--but you find yourself easily able to lean back against the wall, shut your eyes, and forget about everything. It also works well for driving home from work on a stressful day, especially if you are moving through a wooded area during a slight drizzle...and so much for the "hopefully better" part. Anyway, here's "Another Day," a good representation of In a Safe Place as a whole:

2004 Sub Pop
1. Window 3:44
2. Thule 4:23
3. On Your Way 4:31
4. Twentytwofourteen 5:40
5. The Outer Banks 4:23
6. Over the Pond 4:55
7. Another Day [Revised] 4:21
8. Streamside 3:34
9. Eastern Glow 6:06
10. Moss Mountain Town 9:22

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