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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Appleseed Cast -- Low Level Owl: Volume 1


So you walk into the woods to clear your head. It is autumn and everything is beautiful. You immediately forget your worries and begin to relax, but after a while you realize you don't recognize any familiar landmarks outside the rhythm of your own footsteps. You are lost, and this reminds you of everything that sent you into the woods in the first place.

Lost in life and lost amidst the ever-raining leaves, you lay to rest against an old, gnarled oak, and try to figure out what is happening. Maybe it doesn't matter. How can it matter when everything is so beautiful? You get up and walk deeper into the forest.

2001 Deep Elm Records
1. The Waking of Pertelotte 2:02
2. On Reflection 6:26
3. Blind Man's Arrow 3:38
4. Flowers Falling from Dying Hands 3:29
5. Messenger 0:46
6. Doors Lead to Questions 2:53
7. Steps and Numbers 5:54
8. Sentence 2:57
9. Bird of Paradise 2:24
10. Mile Marker 4:02
11. Convict 6:02
12. A Tree for Trials 1:28
13. Signal 3:11
14. View of a Burning City 7:52

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