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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Appleseed Cast -- Low Level Owl: Volume 2


So you walk deeper into the woods, comforted by the calming newness of your experience. For a while you are at peace, but the emotions of the experience overcome you, and every regret or joy you've ever felt swells outward and threatens to engulf. The wind picks up and you don't understand how the ever-raining leaves don't leave the trees bald, but the more they fall, the more you find the shade inescapable.

Finally you reach a clearing. The day is ending and the sun casts deep shadows into the wide bobbing sea of burning copper trees below.

You realize you are still lost, but you have been lost for so long, lost is more home than anywhere. You wonder how you can feel so at peace one moment, threatened another, alive for a minute, numb the next.

You realize this is your life, and this is probably everyone's life, but there is no one near to ask. You feel you have reached an epiphany, but then it is over, and you find its ephemerality more significant than its actual content. You somehow find yourself where you began, but your old town looks completely different in darkness. This is no longer your home, but when you turn to enter the forest again, you find it has already been burnt down.

At least, that's what happened when I listened to it.

2001 Deep Elm Records
1. View of a Burning City (Reprise) 1:26
2. Strings Appleseed Cast 5:09
3. A Place in Line 4:01
4. Shaking Hands Appleseed Cast 1:58
5. Rooms and Gardens 7:34
6. Ring Out the Warning Bell 6:00
7. Sunset Drama King 6:07
8. The Last in a Line 4:13
9. Decline 1:03
10. The Argument 5:51
11. Reaction 2:26
12. Confession 9:21

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