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Monday, September 26, 2011

Audio Adrenaline -- Don't Censor Me


Audio Adrenaline's sophmore album, Don't Censor Me, kicks off with a groovy bassline and a bouncy, electronic drumbeat. This opening track, "Can't Take God Away" features a good deal of keyboard and organ, and not much guitar. It even features a surprisingly atmospheric bridge full of gospel-style vocals, and an outro sung by Toby Mac.
And then the hip-hop kicks in. I forgot about the early 90's pop-rock environment, and the prevalance of attempted hip-hop by people who probably shouldn't have been doing it. The second track "A.K.A Public School," brought back my 18-year old memories of that unfortunately dated sound. Basically, your enjoyment of Don't Censor Me will hinge on your nostalgia for that sound. If you look back at it fondly, you can have a lot of fun listening to this album. If the idea of that kind of music makes you want to dunk your head in the toilet in an attempt to flush the memories away, you should probably steer clear. Hip-hop doesn't pop up on every track, but it occurs far more often on Don't Censor Me than any rocking sound, which is what I initially thought of when I remembered this band. I guess that sound came later?
Regardless, Don't Censor Me can be a kind of fun album if you let it, goofy programmed drums and all. If anything, there is always "Big House," which STILL gets daily play on just about every Christian radio station in America, almost 20 years after Don't Censor Me's release.
Don't act like you don't remember it.

Listen to Audio Adrenaline's "Big House"

1993 Forefront Records
1. Can't Take God Away 3:53
2. A.K.A. Public School 3:29
3. Soulmate 3:34
4. My World View 4:22
5. Big House 3:31
6. Jesus and the California Kid 2:53
7. Don't Censor Me 3:15
8. Let Love 4:32
9. We're a Band 3:59
10. Rest Easy 4:38
11. Scum Sweetheart 4:14

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