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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Why Aren't People Angrier?

The AP came out with a story today that adults 18-64 make up a record share of US poor. 14.3 percent of the nation's citizens are in poverty. My question is:
Why aren't people angry about this?
Yes, people are angry, that's for sure, but where is their anger directed?
Republicans are angry at Democrats and Democrats are angry at Republicans, but does that really mean anything? The Republican and Democratic politicians aren't part of the above statistic. They are the wealthy. It's not their problem, so why should they care? They get along just fine using the tactic of blaming each other to stay in power while they do nothing to solve anything. They are completely impotent. The United States owes more money than it can probably ever pay. Most Americans do as well. It is time to get angry at the right people.


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