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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- American X: Baby 81 Sessions


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's American X: Baby 81 Sessions sounds like a broadcast from an unknown signal on an old radio in a burned out shack after the apocalypse. It's rock music, mostly settled noisy repetitive bluesy grooves (screw commas on this review).
I should preface my criticism by saying that outside of this EP I've never listened to this band. I was watching Friday Night Light's one night (not a Friday...either a Tuesday or a Wednesday) and an instrumental guitar track caught my ear. I thought it was just work by show composer (and Baton Rouge native), Snuffy Walden,(commas, you know I can't forget you! Also, parentheses, I love you, too!) but after some research I discovered it was actually the closing track for this EP.
The song, "Last Chance for Love," is a moody, emotional composition and sounded right at home on that excellent television program, as you can hear here:

The rest of this EP precedes this song in like manner of emotion, but not sound. As I said before, it's groove-oriented, dirty rock music from the end of the world. EP opener, "The Likes of You," exemplifies this sound perfectly:

According to the Wikipedia (which I'm just gonna make my source for everything), these songs were possibly left off the full length Baby 81 album because of their "uncharacteristically dark sound." Hey, good for me, because that's how I like it, and I like this EP (and commas) a lot. If this sound gels with you, too, you unfortunately cannot find American X in stores, but you can do like me and order it for a fair price from Amazon. At the end of the world, they're going to be the only company left,(just like this is the last comma) anyway.

2007 Red License
1. The Likes of You 5:11
2. Vision 5:01
3. The Show's About to Begin 5:02
4. MK Ultra 4:25
5. Whenever You're Ready 3:12
6. Hours 5:04
7. Last Chance for Love 3:59


Anonymous said...

as it happens they have just issued vinyl versions of both baby 81 and the american x sessions - so if you´re into that kind of thing...



buck09 said...

So it begins, the 'Black' albums. I just checked and I have 69 albums with Black as the title of the band.

buck09 said...

It's good for you to get through the Bjorks by the way. Haha. Not my thang. Oh and to clarify reading over my last comment, I meant 'Black' in the title of the band, (comma, parentheses, Black Sabbath, Black Mountain, Black Flag, Black Eyed..(no wait, I don't listen to them) etc...) in case you weren't confused yet.

Nicholas said...

Paula: Thanks. That vinyl looks pretty cool.
Bucky: That is some band name jungle fever you have going on there!

buck09 said...

Haha, ya I do own some Black Eyed Peas music but only for my wife, and they don't belong next to most the other 'blacks'. Literally in shock every time I try and scroll to the proper 'Black' artist on my ipod. Its seriously a mess. What's up with black? There isn't nearly as much artist using White.