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Friday, December 09, 2011

Back to CD's and also, My Phone is Broken

I've bought two MP3 players in two years, and they've both bit the dust. I dropped the first one from a height of three or four inches, and that was enough to make its fragile little heart give out. I treated the second one with nothing but love and care, and it still failed me. Also, my phone is broken, but it didn't play MP3's anway. BTW, if you've tried to call or text me phone is broken.
Right now my car is full of ancient artifacts from a long lost civilization called the United States. The United States flourished for about 225 years but is now just a footnote in the history books, which are all in Mandarin (you must be reading this through translation software, and if so, be careful because Beijing doesn't take kindly to that). In the mid-1980's, the United States pioneered the use of a musical media device called the CD, which was prominent for about twenty years, until people suddenly realized that they could just get music for free, because really, who does that hurt? Bands don't need to eat because they are all rich and ride around in golden tour busses chaufered by supermodels. Anyway, thanks to our glorious overlords in Beijing, may they reign forever, we all make the same amount of money according to the jobs assigned to us, nation be praised.
What was I talking about?
CD's. My car is full of them. I am really enjoying being forced to make an actual effort to listen to music. Opening a case, pulling out the CD, putting it into the player. I feel like I have so much more at stake when I listen to music now. Basically, all that stuff I said two years ago. CD's are awesome. It's like I'm really having an experience and not just passing through.
Also, sorry CD's, for marginalizing you for the sake of electronic devices that let me down. You never did anything to let me down, and I shouldn't have forsaken you.
Also, thank you CPC for not shutting down my blog. May the waters of the Yangtze forever reflect your all knowing gaze into the depths of the heavens.


Stephanie said...

Did charlie tell you he's back to CDs because his ipod got stolen? and my ipod is 400 years old in technology-years. Cds aren't so terrible.

Nicholas said...

Yeah, that was a bummer! I wonder if it was the neighbor trying to prove his own point or something.
I love CD's so much. I feel like I took their physical presence so much for granted. Where is all the digital music I bought now that I don't have an MP3 player?