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Friday, December 02, 2011

Bleach -- Static

Bleach -- Static

Bleach's Static is a solid alternative rock album from start to finish. At times they betray their Weezer influence, at others their Southern roots. The amount of J's per-minute is fairly high, but they sound like they mean it, so it isn't a detraction. Vocalist, Dave Baysinger (how could you not be a vocalist with a name like that), sounds like a cross between Billy Corgan and Rivers Cuomo on this album, but Static still sounds pretty timeless, a welcome shot of 90's nostalgia.

1998 Forefront
1. Static 3:17
2. Super Good Feeling 3:18
3. Rundown Town 4:53
4. Land Of The Lost 3:16
5. Hurricane 2:19
6. Warp Factor Five 3:51
7. Rock N Roll 3:47
8. Code Of The Road 3:42
9. Lonestar 3:59
10. Drive 2:48
11. Country Western Star 3:17
12. Waving Goodbye 3:39

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