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Thursday, January 05, 2012

blink-182 -- Enema of the State


 I have a few friends who swear blink-182 sold out when they signed to MCA. Like most of my peers, the first time I heard blink-182 was the song, "Dammit," on the soundtrack of the overrated film, Can't Hardly Wait, so I can't vouch for that first sentence. I can say that blink-182's 1999 debut for MCA, Enema of the State, is insanely catchy, fast-paced fun.
This is the tape you steal from your sister when she isn't around and jam out to it in your car when you are seventeen and...what, they don't have tapes anymore? Kids don't jam out in their cars anymore? Rock music is dead? Well, crap. Nevermind.
Maturity isn't the name of the game here and shouldn't be. "What's My Age Again?" is the perfect anthem for a seventeen year old, or at least for me as a seventeen year old (This song was gleefully blaring at so many functions I attended in 1999, I can't fit half of them here). Six years later, co-singer Mark Hoppus's assertion that "nobody likes you when you're 23" sadly turned out to be correct for me, too. But at 23 or...GASP!...30, this album is still enjoyable, even if you've only got a little youth left in you. When I don't like this anymore, I'll know I'm officially old.

John Henson, come back!!!

1999 MCA
1. Dumpweed 2:23
2. Don't Leave Me 2:23
3. Aliens Exist 3:13
4. Going Away to College 2:59
5. What's My Age Again? 2:28
6. Dysentery Gary 2:45
7. Adam's Song 4:09
8. All the Small Things 2:48
9. The Party Song 2:19
10. Mutt 3:23
11. Wendy Clear 2:50
12. Anthem 6:09


Ris said...

I've been waiting for you to get to Blink!!

Nicholas said...

I also so excited!
Did you watch the video? I totally forgot John Henson was in it being awesome. I wish his giant arm was in it, too:

buck09 said...

Kids don't jam in their cars anymore, but this old man still jams in his everyday. :)
Never got super into Blink myself but did and do enjoy this album. What's My Age Again was definitely the hit of the year all over the radio back in 99'. This was before the internet dominated the music scene and when I actually depended on the radio to hear new music. (or MTV)

I'm more of a NOFX guy though. When I don't like White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean, or Ribbed, I will be officially old.

Nicholas said...

White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean all the way! Bob is still my favorite NOFX song.