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Friday, January 06, 2012

blink-182 -- Take Off Your Pants and Jacket


blink-182 pick up where they left off with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.  The music is still fun and fast-paced, but slightly darker and a little more mature.  When I say, "A little more mature," put extra emphasis on the "little," and take another look at the album title.  I think I just made that dirtier somehow...
Anyway, this album is probably a bit more profane and raw than Enema of the State, and probably not quite as fun, but the tiny increment of maturational increase just barely makes up for it.  I prefer Enema to this (the album, not the bowel cleansing), but Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is not any worse of an album.
Maybe I was just too old for this in 2001.

2001 MCA
1. Anthem, Pt. 2 3:48
2. Online Songs 2:25
3. First Date 2:51
4. Happy Holidays, You Bastard 0:42
5. Story of a Lonely Guy 3:39
6. The Rock Show 2:51
7. Stay Together for the Kids 3:59
8. Roller Coaster 2:47
9. Reckless Abandon 3:06
10. Everytime I Look for You 3:05
11. Give Me One Good Reason 3:18
12. Shut Up 3:20
13. Please Take Me Home 3:05

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