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Monday, January 09, 2012

Get Pumped!

It's finally here! After all the waiting and waiting, the National Championship Game will happen tonight. Go Tigers!
I know some people hate football, but that doesn't diminish my love for the game one bit.  You have to think, a lot of these guys have athletic skills the rest of can only dream of, given by God, and what better way to glorify Him than to use them.  What I am saying here is that playing football can be an act of worship just as much as well...anything.  That leads me to something else awesome.
Last night Tim Tebow and the Bronco's won their playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I used to hate the guy when he played for Florida because he was LSU's enemy, but now that he is in the NFL, I feel differently.  Tebow has shown himself to be a true believer, which makes him my relative, which means I have to pull for him.  ESPN recently put a microphone in Tebow's helmet for a game.  While I must warn that he sings about as well as I do, check it out.

"No matter what, Lord, win or lose, give me the stength to honor you." This is the correct attitude. Bob Costas once ripped on players who claimed that Jesus lifted them into the air and helped them catch a game-winning pass. As there are people praying on both sidelines for victory, there really isn't any kind of way to understand who God wants to win a football game, or if he even cares. What Tebow prays 5:40 into this video is the right attitude. In life I want to win, but more than anything, I want to glorify God with my actions. That is by far the more important thing. And on that note, here comes another blink-182 review.


buck09 said...

LSU needs to go to church? :) Broncos deserved to win last night, although I was pulling for the Steelers. I'm a Raiders fan so I can't really talk S but you've got another gem of a team in the Saints that I predicted to win the superbowl as of Saturday morning before the game started. The dark horse I see going is the New York Giants. I hate all of the teams left except the Packers, so I really don't care who wins, but there should be some good games at least.

Nicholas said...

Our coach does, because only God knows why he made a couple of the decisions he made last night.
Gotta pull for the Saints and Drew Brees and keep my local pride. Also pulling for the Broncos (used to be a big Elway fan, but I just mentioned my like for Tebow, too). I usually pull against the Steelers and Ravens on principal, so once Baltimore is out, I am cool with everyone else.