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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Apparently, February was Bruce History Month

For anyone who can't stand Bruce Springsteen, sorry that he occupied the entire month of February on The Nicsperiment. That was not intentional. Honestly, I wish he would have come up later this month so I could have covered his new album, Wrecking Ball. There is one final Springsteen review coming today at lunch, followed by a retrospective, one final surprise "B" review (that few people at all will care about), and then finally good old "C," the average grade of people everywhere, will arive. Thanks for bearing with us and giving The Nicsperiment its first period of continuous four-digit viewership since the revival of the site three years ago. Also, I'm almost out of Cookies and Cream Drops. Someone get me some more, stat!


Stephanie said...

Every night Charlie would yell, "HOW CAN HE STILL BE ON BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN?! (@#%^&) <Charlie cussing at you


Nicholas said...

Haha. Sorry, Charlie.
I just didn't realize how many there were. The only band I have more albums by is MxPx...wait just I don't. Bruce Springsteen wins!