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Monday, March 05, 2012

Six Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying

Photobucket is always good for a few (or plenty of) laughs. Sometimes, though, it mixes an element of social justice and anger that is almost too good to be true. Today's article by David Wong is one of those wonderful instances. Also, it includes the line, "if none of that stuff existed, there would be nothing stopping Jay-Z from taking your farm."
You can check out the article here.


buck09 said...

Very interesting article. I agree with most of what he is trying to convey. The part I agree with is the idea that just working hard doesn't mean you are going to be wealthy. And I'm sure a large portion of the wealthy were inherited their wealth from family member or hell, did in fact win the lottery. The only flaw I see in this is if you flip the coin and do an article on "Six Things Poor People Need to Stop Saying". There would be equal arguments on the same topic. My major beef with the way things are going is not that the Rich assholes are taking over our lives, but that the more inhabitants this planet gets, the less and less livable this world is going to get. There is no going forward positively at our rate right now. It's like dropping fish into a bowl while keeping the food source the same, and not letting the old sick ones die off, rather, have a medical fish surgeon on hand to keep them well, and pretty soon the bowl is full of fish, nobody has any food, and some of the fish become really big and fat and begin preying on the other fish, but the numbers don't decline, the fat fish get fatter and the little fish have so much offspring that they multiply faster than the fat fish devour. In laymen's terms, the bowl is a disgusting non-sustainable cesspool just as the Planet earth is becoming. Now, don't get me wrong, we are on a much bigger and beautiful but symbolically, the concept seems fitting, to me. We need to just do the best we can for ourselves, help who we can, and just ride it out, cause it ain't going to be around forever. Not at this rate. Population numbers need to go down for a while for a realistic fix to any problems can be addressed. Poor people quit hating on the rich, and rich people quit gloating in your mountains of gold coins, and people just be happy to be you and quit worrying about everyone else's business.

Nicholas said...

My wife has been having to hear me bitch about the same thing for the past few years. Population is the problem. I have been working on a series of blogs on that very topic.
I am at a point in life where I think, if one truly can comprehend needs vs. resources, it is immoral to have more than three/four children. Where are they going to live, what are they going to eat, how much waste are they going to produce? It's almost all I think about sometimes, to the point that it can drive me crazy. There ain't enough Earth for all these people.

buck09 said...

Great minds think alike is true I guess. With all the problems going on these days, my wife has been having to listen to me say the same thing for a few years now. They come up with all these ideas to fix the world, when the painfully obvious problem is fucking population. I say, take numbers back to where they were 30 years ago and magically unemployement, poverty, foreclosure, hunger, would be minimal. The technology is far more advanced than back then but the numbers of people are growing ever too rapidly. My heart is becoming blacker and blacker by the day having to live with the fact that solutions will never be achieved because it might offend somebody, or someones feelings might get hurt.