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Monday, March 05, 2012

The Walking Dead Sucks (And I'll Keep Watching It)

Last night, The Walking Dead made me do something I don't do all that often: root for the death of a ten-year old boy.  I have a son, myself, and usually any threat of harm to children gets a rise in my nerves, but The Walking Dead hit such a low point last night, I actually wanted the child character to meet his fate and go away.  It's not really anything personal against him.  I want almost every character on The Walking Dead to meet their fate and go away.  The Walking Dead is not a good show.
The reason The Walking Dead is not a good show is simple:
There are no real characters on The Walking Dead.  Someone got a checklist of tropes: hero, loose cannon, black guy, asian guy, old guy, loyal woman, angry woman, child, and put them into a plot.  Instead of the characters driving the plot, the characters just do whatever the plot needs.  They have no identifiable traits or solid sources of reasoning.  If The Walking Dead was just a show full of wall-to-wall action, this would be fine.  It isn't, though.  The Walking Dead might as well be called The Talking Dead because that is all the "characters" do.  Talk, talk, talk, talk, but they have no personalities, so nothing they say has any bearing. Someone might argue for one thing one episode, then have a completely different opinion next week if the plot needs it. This makes for a pretty miserable viewing experience, but I can't stop watching for one key reason: check out the picture at the top of this post.
The makeup work on The Walking Dead is fantastic. The zombies look incredibly disgusting, and any scene involving them is excellent.  Watching the "characters" fight against them is always thrilling. Unfortunately, those scenes are few and far between, but there have been enough to make me keep watching.
The show is already running a contest where the victor wins a trip to next year's (or late this year's) Season Three Premiere. The Walking Dead has already been renewed.  That means the producers have no excuse if the next season is as bad as this one.  I am certainly not the only person complaining.  Fix what's wrong with the show during your time off the air and come back better.  You already know I am going to watch, but wouldn't you rather me write posts titled "The Walking Dead is Awesome?" There won't be a question mark, that was just so that sentence would be proper.  It would actually look like this:
Or something like that, you get the drift.


Anonymous said...

AMC is butchering the show into another one of their drama/soap operas that only soccer moms watch. Every show on AMC is a soap opera with a "twist". Take the tedious plot to days of our lives and throw in a biker gang: Sons of Anarchy! Throw in a meth dealer with As the world turns and you got: Breaking Bad! It is shit, Kirkman himself has stated this should have never made it to TV and I can certainly understand his objections to this waste of time.

Anonymous said...

I wanna see fuckers like you cough up the money to make it "better" get "better
' or writers also make sure that people keep watching the damn show cause everybody nows how ppl can change there minds in a fucking second so yeah come back with all that and make a "better " show

Nicholas said...