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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Cootees -- Let's Play House!


Completely throwaway pop-punk music featuring Mike and Tom of MxPx, Dale from Ninety Pound Wuss, and their buddy, Jiles.  It's not as good as even the average material from either parent band, but for what it is, it is okay. Just a bunch of DIY-pop songs with a snotty attitude, sometimes set to fast tempos. If you are tired of the basic prattle, be prepared for less-common prattle, like songs entirely dedicated to the consumption of Coca-Cola, writing a song about writing a song, jocks not liking punks (never got that...I liked punk music, and I played sports...why we gotta be one thing or another?), having a party on the beach, how the beach sucks and now we shouldn't have a party there because it's all jocks and Diet Coca-Cola (where's the regular Coca-Cola!?), and so on.  As one can see from the album artwork, like much of the pop-punk recorded in the mid-90's, Let's Play House owes a bit to the music of the 1950's, especially its carefree attitude (well, except about jocks and the lack of Coca Cola) and disposable nature.

1997 Tooth & Nail Records
1. (Blank) 2:14
2. Shut Up 2:24
3. Mike's Waiting 2:57
4. Roses Are Red 0:59
5. School Girl Fantasy 1:43
6. D.D.F. 1:24
7. No Cure 4 the Cootees 1:22
8. What You Hate 1:43
9. Dirty Punk 2:25
10. Lisa's Clean 1:54
11. Coke Song 1:13
12. I'm OK, You're OK 3:06
13. Jocks Don't Like Us 2:33
14. I Want the World 1:55
15. Deadbeat 2:35
16. Beach Party 1:20
17. Now the Beach Sucks 1:43
18. They Don't Know 2:11
19. [Untitled Instrumental Track] 0:33

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