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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creedence Clearwater Revival -- Green River


Feelgood downer music.  John Fogerty can sing "Everywhere you look, there's a frown" on "Commotion," but it doesn't make the song any less fun. Likewise, "Wrote a Song for Everyone" puts the singer through the ringer, but one can't help but feel a load off after listening to the song.

Clocking at just under five minutes, "Wrote a Song for Everyone" is the longest song on Green River.  This album is less jammy and less laid back than its predecessor, Bayou Country, but it's a little more cohesive.  I'd put them at a dead heat, quality wise.  Both are a good time, and not all of Green River's tracks have melancholy undertones.  Even when they do, though, the songs are still a blast. "Bad Moon Rising," about earthquakes, lightning, hurricanes, flooding, rage AND ruin more than proves my point.

1969 Fantasy
1. Green River 2:36
2. Commotion 2:44
3. Tombstone Shadow 3:39
4. Wrote a Song for Everyone 4:57
5. Bad Moon Rising 2:21
6. Lodi 3:13
7. Cross-Tie Walker 3:20
8. Sinister Purpose 3:22
9. The Night Time Is the Right Time 3:08

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