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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deep Forest -- Deep Forest


Deep Forest had a decent idea for their debut album: combine field recordings of tribal chants and songs with early 90's dance music.  The execution was also decent.  Deep Forest isn't outstanding, but it gets the job done. It has one transcendent song, however, that spawned something incredible:

"Sweet Lullaby" is one of the greatest music videos ever. I remember watching it on the Mor Music channel shortly after Christmas break in early 1993, sick with a really high fever, not sure if I was dreaming. I later achieved the same effect locking the bathroom door, turning the hot water on the shower all the way up, turning on the heater, and lying on the floor. Oh yeah, kids, don't do that...
During that time, I also watched these great videos on that same channel.

I was most certainly the coolest steam-tripping twelve year old in Pointe Coupee Parish. Again, kids, don't do that. Just watch these videos and eat pixy stix, or whatever.

1992 550 Records
1. Deep Forest 5:34
2. Sweet Lullaby 3:53
3. Hunting 3:27
4. Night Bird 4:18
5. The First Twilight 3:18
6. Savana Dance 4:25
7. Desert Walk 5:14
8. White Whisper 5:45
9. The Second Twilight 1:24
10. Sweet Lullaby 3:41
11. Forest Hymn 5:50

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