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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deftones -- Adrenaline


Deftones are one of the most exciting bands of the last twenty years, but their debut, Adrenaline, shows few signs of their coming greatness. Vocalist, Chino Moreno, is still finding his voice, and the near-rapping rhythms he settles for grow tiresome after a while. Likewise, guitarist Steph Carpenter plays some pretty cool riffs, but it seems like he plays the same ones over and over and over again. Abe Cunningham shows some spark on the drums, but Chi Cheng's bass playing carries most of the songs. There are some good ones, too. "Bored" shows the most potential, a definitive statement that stands head and shoulders over many of the blur-together tracks that follow.

"Bored" features Adrenaline's most vocal diversity from Moreno, best riff from Carpenter, and most ferocious drumming from Cunningham. The dynamics of this song foretell Deftones greatness to come.

1995 Maverick
1. Bored 4:06
2. Minus Blindfold 4:04
3. One Weak 4:29
4. Nosebleed 4:26
5. Lifter 4:43
6. Root 3:41
7. 7 Words 3:43
8. Birthmark 4:18
9. Engine No. 9 3:25
10. Fireal 6:36
11. Fist (unlisted track) 3:35

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