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Monday, July 16, 2012

Denison Mars -- Then Is the New Now


Solid rock album featuring strong vocals, good instrumental work, and excellent lead guitar lines. Then Is the New Now is a fine example of the early 00's ridiculous wealth of good Christian rock albums, but it could have benefited from beefier production and a little more musical variety. It's still good stuff, though, particularly the emotive rock of "You Feel Like," the psychedelic closer, "Ps148," and a very enjoyable cover of Real Life's "Send Me an Angel."

2002 Floodgate Records
1. What Life Has 3:37
2. You Feel Like 4:03
3. The Real Ones 4:01
4. This Is All the Time 3:14
5. This Must Be Love 4:15
6. Rescue Mission 3:48
7. Pow ! 2:57
8. Send Me an Angel (Real Life cover) 3:59
9. Keeping It Cool 4:17
10. PS148 13:51

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